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Marriage by Banns 3rd June 1810
Charles Roberts of the parish of Wakefield to Mary Hampshire
of this parish, witnesses:- Hannah Roberts, Ann Firth, Samuel Clayton


Baptism St Helens Sandal Magna
17 nov 1811 Emma dau of Charles Roberts of Wakefield COOPER and Mary his wife.
Baptism at All Saints, Wakefield
08 oct 1813 Edwin son of Mary and Charles Roberts, Cooper of NorthGate

Burial - St Helens, Sandal Magna
08 Feb 1815, Mary Roberts of Wakefield

Charles Roberts remarried 19 Jan 1817 Sandal Magna to Elizabeth Scholey

Baptism St.John's Wakefield
31st aug 1817, Martha dau of Elizabeth Scholey and Charles Roberts

Baptism All Saints, Wakefield
31st December 1825; Charles Roberts, born 9 march 1825
son of Elizabeth and Charles Roberts a Cooper of Cross Square.

The 1822 Baines Trades Directory for Wakefield,

Coopers:- Charles Roberts Cross Square
Pigots directory 1834, wakefield.
Coopers:- Charles Roberts, bottom of North Street.

Elizabeth Roberts aged 52 of Cross Square, buried at All Saints, 7th November 1834

1841 census 
source              HO107 piece 1272 folio 9 district 18 page 29
Place               Wakefield   
Dwelling            Cross Street 

Charles   Roberts  55  Cooper              Y (widower)
Charles   Roberts  15  Cooper                (son)

1851 census
source              HO 107 piece 2327 folio 118 page 28 
Place               Wakefield district 1e  All saints
Dwelling            schedule 89, Smalpage Yard

James     Aveyard head  m  50 Butcher              Wakefield
elizabeth Aveyard wife  m  46                      Wakefield
Charles Roberts lodger    60  Cooper               Wakefield  
Charles Roberts aged 66, of Smalpage Yard, buried 28th March 1852 at St. John's
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