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re check 1841 census

1841 census
Source             HO 107   piece 1272/5   folio 38 page 22
place              Wakefield, district 10
Dwelling           Northgate  

George  Roberts   60    Gardener             Y
Martha  Roberts   60                         Y
Joseph  Roberts   30    Gardener             Y
Martha  Roberts   20                         Y
where is son George and other children or

1841 census Wakefield
Source                HO107  piece 1272/9   folio 17 page 27
Place                 Wakefield district 18
Dwelling              Wood street
                                       born this parish
George  Roberts    60   Gardiner        Y
Matha   Roberts    60                   Y
Joseph  Roberts    30   Gardiner        Y
Martha  Roberts    20                   Y
Hana Wilner?       15   F S             Y

1851 census
Source               HO107; Piece: 2327; Folio: 18; Page: 28
Place                Wakefield District 1a, St Johns
Dwelling             Albion Street, sched 114 

                      Rel   Mar  Age  Occ                               Born
Joseph       Roberts  head    U   44   Farmer and Gardener emp 6 lab    Wakefield 
George       Roberts  brother U   35   farmer and Gardener 
Martha       Roberts  sister  U   35   unmarried
George Henry Roberts  nephew  U    8   scholar 
Martha       Taylor   ser         21   gen servant 

Martha Roberts possibly married decqt1858 Wakefield to John beford Boston

1861 census
source              RG 9; Piece: 3495; Folio: 44; Page: 13; 
place                Brightside Bierlow, Sheffield
Dwelling             Schedule 76, 32 Andover Street 

John B  Boston head m 32  Woolen Walker              Wakefield
Martha  Boston wife m 35*

London Gazette, 26 Nov 1858.
NOTICE is hereby given, that application is intended to be made to Parliament in the next session, by the London and North Western Railway Company (hereinafter called " the Company", for an Act for the following purposes, or some of them :To authorize the Company to make and maintain the railways following, or one of them, with all proper stations, works, and conveniences connected therewith, namley,
A railway to commence by a junction with the last-mentioned intended railway at its proposed terminus near Intake-lane aforesaid, thence to pass in, through, or into the several parishes, townships, and extra-parochial or other places following, or some of them, viz.,
Dewsbury, Wakefield, Ossett, Osset-cum-Gawthorp, Alverthorpe, Alverthorpe-cum-Thornes, Alverthorpecum-Thorpe, Wrenthorpe, and Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe,
and to terminate by a double junction with the Bradford, Wakefield, and Leeds Railway, one of such junctions being in or near to a certain garden belonging to George Lane Fox, Esquire,
and in the occupation of George Roberts and Joseph Roberts, in the township of Wrenthorpe otherwise Stanley-cum-Wrenthorpe and parish of Wakefield,

1861 census 
Source             RG9; Piece: 3422; Folio: 29; Page: 51;
Place              Wakefield district 1, St Johns
Dwelling           Albion Street, sched 212

                   Rel   Mar Age   Occ                              born
Joseph    Roberts  head    U  54   Farmer occ 95 acres              Wakefield
                                  employing 2 lab and 2 women
George    Roberts  brother u  46   Farmer                           Wakefield
George H  Roberts  nephew  u  18   Farmer                           Wakefield
Sarah Armistead    ser     u  55   general servant                  Wakefield

1871 census 
Source            RG10, piece 4623, folio 29, page 49
Place             Wakefield, St Johns
Dwelling        schedule 236 Albion Street 

Joseph Roberts head     s 64 Farmer of 27 Acres empy. 2 women 3 men
George Roberts brother  s 55 Farmers partner
Emma Hassal    serv     w 55  Domestic

Source:                RG11    Piece 4576    Folio 16    Page 26
Place:                 Wakefield, York, England
Dwelling:              Albion St 

Joseph ROBERTS	Head   U  74 	Retired farmer            Wakefield
Mary A. TAYLOR  ser    U  50    Gen Serv                  Wakefield


Probate 26th April 1876.
George Roberts
The Will of George Roberts late of Wakefield in the County of York Gentleman, who died 1st April 1876 at Wakefield, was proved at Wakefield by
Joseph Roberts of Wakefield Gentleman the brother and John Bedford Boston of Sheffield in the said County, Cloth Merchant and George henry Roberts of Wakefield Market Gardener the nephew - the Executors.

Effects under 12,000

Probate 20th June 1882.
Joseph Roberts
The Will of Joseph Roberts late of Wakefield in the County of York Gentleman, who died 25th May 1882 at Wakefield, was proved at Wakefield by
George Henry Roberts Market Gardener the nephew and John Scott Gentleman both of Wakefield, two of the Executors.

Personal Estate 33,728 3s 5d

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