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The original family tree showed a Mary born 1807,
but she was not found in IGI, however there is a Mary born 23dec1817
last 4 children baptisms show parents as Martha and George, a gardener of Wood street

According to 1841 census Mary Roberts was living next door to Timothy Pearson at Snow Hill
also in the same household
Betty aged 50 and
John age 35 a Gardener

1841 census Wakefield
Source                HO107  piece 1272/9   folio 17 page 27
Place                 Wakefield district 18
Dwelling              Wood street
                                       born this parish
George  Roberts    60   Gardiner        Y
Matha   Roberts    60                   Y
Joseph  Roberts    30   Gardiner        Y
Martha  Roberts    20                   Y
Hana Wilner?       15   F S             Y

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