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From Bishopes Transcipt for Sandal Magna

    Marriage by Special licence 23 dec 1804 St Helens, Sandal Magna
    George  Roberts of the parish of Wakefield to
    Martha  Hampshire of this Parish
(3months Pegnant?)
witness Joseph Hampshire (father or brother?), Ann Hampshire sister c.29jun1778
Martha was the daughter of
Sarah Illingworth and Joseph Hampshire,

George Roberts and Martha Hampshire were witness at a wedding 12 apr 1804.
Martha was the daughter of
Sarah Illingworth and Joseph Hampshire,

George's brother Charles Roberts married Martha's younger sister Mary Hampshire,
Christening ST Helens Sandal Magna 14 April 1805
Sarah dau of George Roberts of Stanbridge, Gardener and Martha his wife is this the same Sarah noted as 1815?-1822 or did the 1805 die young According to research, by Hugh Bensley,
George Roberts died in 1846, at which time he was worth 600

The 1822 Baines Trades Directory for Wakefield shows

Gardeners and Seedsmen
James  Roberts      Northgate
George Roberts      Wood Street

Charles Roberts     Cross Square
Are these Gervis and Hannah's  children

1841 census 
source                 HO107 piece 1272 folio 9 district 18 page 29
place                  Wakefield
Dwelling               Cross Street

Charles  Roberts  55   Cooper               Y
Charles  Roberts  15   Cooper

1841 census
source                 Ho107   piece 1272/5   folio 38 district 10 page 22 
 Place                 Northgate  Wakefield

Edwin  Roberts    30   Grocer                Y
Ann    Roberts    30                         Y

1841 census
Source                 HO107; Piece: 1272; Book: 9; ED18; Folio: 16; Page: 27
Place                  Wakefield
Dwelling               Wood Street
George Roberts    60    Gardener             Y
Martha  Roberts   60                         Y
Joseph  Roberts   30    Gardener             Y
Martha  Roberts   20                         Y

George Roberts buried 26th July 1846 at
St. John the Baptist, Wakefield, aged 66

1851 census
Charles Roberts lodger age 60  Cooper b.wakefield ref 1e 28

1851 census (ref1b 20 Northgate?)
Edwin Roberts   head  M  36       Gardener and Greengrocer          Wakefield                        
Martha Roberts  wife  M  34                                         wakefield

1853 Wakefield Directory
Edwin Roberts Lower York Street Shop keeper
1881 census
Place               Snow Hill Wrenthrope
Edwin Roberts  72  Head        gardener     born wrenthrope
Ann            71  wife                          Gomersall

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