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Joseph Hamshire (2nd) christened 19 aug 1747 St. Helens, Sandal Magna son of
Joseph Hampshire farmer of Standbridge

Joseph Hampshire (2nd) married Sarah Illingworth
at St Helens Sandal Magna, 21st of January 1777

     Joseph Hampshire     Farmer of StandBridge  ( a hamlet near Sandal Magna/Criggleston)
     c.19aug1847 St. Helens, Sandal Magna
     m.21jan1777  St Helens Sandal Magna (both of this parish)
     | children christened St Helens, Sadal Magna, father Joseph of Standbridge farmer
     John            Ann             Martha          Mary            Joseph  
     c.04jun1777     c.29jun1778     c.28feb1781     c.02feb1783     c.23oct1785
     d.              d.              d.              d.              d.
                                     |               |
                                     m.1804          m.1810
                                     |               |
                                     George          Charles
                                     Roberts         Roberts

Joseph (2nd?) witness at the 1810 wedding of Mary Hampshire

Wakefield Manor, Court Rolls,   2nd march 1792
page 182, Sandal ;
2 closes of arable, meadow or pasture near Newmillerdam called
the Two Woolgraves, by estimation 8 acres, now in the occupation of Joseph Hampshire, bounded to the east and north by lands of
George Hampshire, to the south by lands of Mrs Vaughan and
to the west by the turnpike road.
Consideration: ~~~~
Fine: 3s   5¼d
Rent: 1s   l¾d compounded.

Christening St. Helens, Sandal Magna 14 April 1805
Sarah dau of George Roberts of Stanbridge, Gardener and Martha his wife is this the same Sarah noted as 1815?-1822 or did the 1805 die young
According to research, by Hugh Bensley, George Roberts died in 1846, at which time he was worth 600

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