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possible tree source IGI from All Saints Wakefield, Baptism 5th Feb 1670
baptisted 5th Feb 1670
             James Roberts   m.11oct1664   Ann Thompson 
            Gervase                              James            
            c.05feb1670* All Saints              c.16sep1673     *note Gregorian callender=1671
           br.05dec1740  All saints Wakefield
            m.04oct1697 (Gervice)
            c.15jun1706   All Saints, Wakefield
            m.08jul1734   All Saints, Wakefield
            Eliza         dau of John Turner m.05feb1706 All Saints to Ann Godson
            c.30sep1707   All Saints, Wakefield, 
            | baptised All Saints Wakefield by Gervase  of Newtown(hill) nr Wrenthrope/Outwood
    Ann           William        Sarah          George         Mary        
    c.14jan1737   c.16jan1737    c.24nov1739    c.28nov1741    c.04feb1744 

                                     Gervas          Hannah        Eliza
                                     c.01oct1748     c.25aug1750   c.
                                     |              br.02dec1750
                                     Cooper? / Blackburn

Original tree has Gearvis Roberts born 12 aug 1748 this may be --
Gervas c.01 oct 1748 All Saints Wakefield son of GERVAS Roberts.

Original tree has wife is Hannah Blackburn b. 15 jun 1748
There was a Hannah Blackburn c. 17 nov 1748 at Thorner by John Blackburn
However no sign that she married Gervas Roberts, but there is
Gervase Roberts marriage 07 December 1772 at All Saints, Wakefeld to
Hannah Cooper possible c.20may1745 Huddesfield to Jonas and Hannah

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