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Edith mary Richardson GRO decqt1873 Sculcoates 9d 191 Florence Hannah. Richardson GRO decqt1875 Sculcoates 9d 195 John Robert Richardson GRO junqt1877 Sculcoates 9d 199 Hilda Marion Richardson GRO decqt1878 Sculcoates 9d 200 Joseph Richardson GRO junqt1882 Sculcoates 9d 216

1877 Birth in Registration District of Sculcoates, Hull

Registration in Sus-district of  West Sculcoates in the County of   York
No. When and
where born
Name Sex Name of
Name of
of Father
Informant When
262 Twenty first of March 1877
72 Peel st.
Boy Joseph
Marion Caton
formerly Brown
Joseph Richardson
72 Peel St. Hull
14 apr 1877

1881   cencus 
Source:                  RG11, piece 4759,   folio 16
Place:                   West Sculcoates,   Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling:                25 Peel Street,    Sculcoates       

                         Rel Mar Age      Occ           
Joseph       Richardson  Head  m  60                       all born Hull
Marian Cate  Richardson  wife  m  40
Edith Mary   Richardson   dau      7       
Florence H.  Richardson   dau      5      
John Robert  Richardson   son      4    
Hilda Marion Richardson   dau      2      
Alice Mary THISTLETON	  serv     19                      East Halton, Lincoln
Maria Elizth. GOODWIN	 nursemaid 17                      Goxhill, Lincoln

Joseph and Marion build a new house
First stone layed 1st Apr 1887 Newland Park, Cottingham
Robert Browns death cert oct 1888 shows he died at Belverdere house informant Edith Richardson grand daughter Belverdere house, cottingham possible Robert Brown came to live with the Richardson family after Harriet died in marqt1887

Info 7, sheet 2

1891 Census 
Source                RG12 3914 folio 15
Place                 Cottingham, st johns, Kinston upon Hull
Dwelling              Belverdere, PARK.   Newlands,  Cottingham  

                            Rel Mar age   Occ                   Birthplace
Joseph        Richardson            70    living on own means   Hull
Marion Cate   Richardson            50                          hull
Edith Mary    Richardson            17 School                   Hull
Florence H.   Richardson            15 School                   Hull 
John Robert   Richardson            Boading school             see next sheet
Hilda Marion  Richardson            12 School                   Hull
Joseph        Richardson             9 School                   Hull
Ann Dison                           19 General Serv             Searby Linconshire

1892 Trade Directory Newland Park (Cottingham Rd.) Brookside Mr. Joseph Richardson - Belvedere

1891 census
Source:       RG12 3951 folio 37 page 1, enu 5, shed 7
Place         Skirlaugh, sub district Hornsea, St Nickolas
Dwelling      Newbegin, off Market Place

                   Rel Mar Age       Occ                              Birthplace
Henry    Elson     head  m  36       Teacher Private School           Louth Linconshire
Matha    Elson     wife  m  37                                        Buraley Lancashire
Kathleen Elson     dau       5       Scholar                          Eaton Bray Bucks
John R Richardson  Boarder  14       Scholar                          Hull Yorks
John H  Smith      Boarder  12       Scholar                          Cottingham
Sidney  Smith      Boarder   9       Scholar                          Cottingham
Mary    Garton     serv     19       General Serv                     Hornsea

Bulmers 1892, Hornsea, Acadamies and Schools
Holly Lodge (boys' classical & commercial - day & boarding);
Henry Elsom (Lond. Univ.), principal; F. Bradford, assistant master
Transcribed by Colin Hinson
Source Genuki , Hornsea Parish

info7, sheet 3
PROBATE York, 31st May 1899,
RICHARDSON; Joseph of 'BELVEDERE' Newlands Park Kingston upon Hull, Esquire, Died 1st April 1899.
Probate York 31st May to Marian Caton Richardson widow and Henry Birks solicitor.
Effects 20,159 3s 10d.
Will of 
Joseph Richardson

Joseph death, GRO ref junqt1899 Skulcoates 7d,79 aged 78
Deaths, Registration district Sculcoates
Sub-district of Cottinham
No. When and
Name Sex age Occupation Cause of
Informant Registered
demo 1st april 1899
Belvedere Newlands Park
male 78 Gentleman xxxxxxxx Marion?

Following Joseph's death
Marion moves to Bridlington
but 2 of the daughters remain in Hull

Eastern Morning News,   3rd April 1899

RICHARDSON - Hull; April 1st.
At his residence Belverdere, Newlands Park
Joseph Richardson late of the Firm of
Richardson & Sons, Bond Street. aged 78

1901 census              Bridlington
Scource:                 piece 4524  folio 47  page 37/38 shed 260
Place:                   Caton House, Flamborough Rd 
                         Rel Mar Age   Occ                       Birthplace
Marian  C    Richardson  head  M  60    Living on own means      Hull
Edith        Richardson   dau  S  27                             Hull
Joseph       Richardson   son  s  19    Architecs pupil Stu      Hull
Elizabeth E. Barnes               21    Housemaid domestic

1901 census              Newlands western devision, st Augustin, Sculcoates
Scource:                 RG13 piece 4470    folio 74   page 9 shed 38
Place:                   Benningholme, 129  Westbourne Ave  

Florence     Richardson  dau    25
Hilda        Richardson  dau    22
Ada Dawes                       20   Cook, General Servant

And On their honeymoon

1901 census              Painton , Torquay,  Devon
Scource:                 piece 2063 folio    page8 enu 44
Place:                   Esplanade Hotel,    Christchurch parish

John    Richardson      visitor  24     Timber Merchant        Yorks Hull
Louisa  Richardson      visitor  24                            Yorks Wakefield

info 7, sheet 4

HULL DAILY Mail, 11 July 1910,
9th July At Caton Lodge, Cottingham,
Marion Caton, Widow of the late Joseph Richardson of Belvedere Newland Park, Hull.

Registration district Sculcoates
Sub-district of Cottingham
No. When and
Name Sex age Occupation Cause of
Informant Registered
188 9th July 1910
Caton Lodge Station Rd. Cottingham
Marion Caton
female 69 Widow of Joseph Richardson
of Independnt means
Brights desease Heart failure, Cert by Geo H. watson Jno R Richardson
Trafgalgar Cresent, SouthCliff Bridlington
9th July 1910

Will of Thomas Marion's left Caton Lodge to all 3 daughters to share
Later all 3 daughters are back in Peel St
but at No.29 , so when was Caton Lodge sold?
The three daughters never married and remained at
25 Peel Street for the remainder of their lives.
Joseph and Marion are both buried at Hull General Cemetary

1911 census
place              Cottingham , Kingston upon Hull, East Yorks
dwelling           Caton Lodge, Station Walk 

Edith mary      Richardson  head    S 37   Private means            Hull, Yorkshire
Florence hannah Richardson  sister  S 35   Private means            Hull, Yorkshire
Hilda marian    Richrdson   sister  S 32   Private means            Hull, Yorkshire
Joseph          Richardson  brother S 29   Timber Merchants Cashier Hull, Yorkshire
Alice matilda Flemming      serv    s 41   General Domestic         Hull, Yorkshire

1911 census
Source           RG14PN28900 RG78PN1663 RD526 SD2 ED11 SN383 
Place             Hilderthorpe,  Bridlington, East Riding
Dwelling            Seacroft, Trafalgar Cresent, private house 8 rooms
John robert    Richardson head 34 m 10 years  Timber Merchant employer    Hull,      Yorks
Louisa ellen   Richardson wife 34 m 2 children                            Wakefield, Yorks
Frances eileen Richardson dau   8                                         Hull,      Yorks
Cynthia caton  Richardson dau   6                                         Hull,      Yorks
Theresa emily  Adams      ser  40 widow    Cook                           Liverpool, Lancs
Kate Spindley             ser  17          Housemaid                      Hull,      Yorks

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