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RefNo c- BRG/12/1228
Repository Hull City Archives
Title Registration of persons bound apprentice to freemen
Date 2 Nov 1830
Henry Richardson son of Thomas Richardson of Hull Cabinet Maker
to James Tapscott Pinshin of Hull. Tailor
witnes: Saml. Davison clerk to Ms. Browne Solr. Hull.

1841 census  
source:                ref HO 107/1232 folio 15 pg 42
place                  Bond Street  Hull 

Thos      Richardson   age60 Cabinet m
Hannah    Richardson   age60 
John      Richardson   age25 Cabinet m 
Thomas    Richardson   age25 Cooper  J 
Henry     Richardson   age20 Tailor  J 
William   Richardson   age20 Cabinet m, J
Jos/h     Richardson   age20 Cabinet m, J

J= Jouneyman

1851 census
Source:                 HO107; Piece: 2362; Folio: 402; Page: 8;
place                   St. Mary , Kingston upon Hull Hull 
dwelling                schedule 53,  23 Cook Court  

Henry Richardson  head  s 35        Tailor               Hull,Yorkshire

The 1851 General Directory & Topography of Hull lists
Henry Richardson, Tailor, at
22 Cook's Court, Bowl Alley Lane, Hull

Hull BMD marriges give a possible ref HT 2/221
GRO ref sepqt1853 Hull 9d 315
Elizabeth Cook
married 1853 Hull to
Henry Richardson

1851 census
source                   HO107; Piece: 2362; Folio: 149; Page: 39; en163
Place                    Holy Trinity Hull
Dwelling                 Robinson Row, south side( off Dagger Lane)

Elizabeth Cook    head  s   50   Owner of Houses                   Hull Yorkshire

1861 census
source:               RG9, piece 3587, folio 106 page 12
place                 Holy Trinity,Myton, Hull, Humber
Dwelling              3, Richardsons Entry schedule 50 

Henry     Richardson  head   48  Tailor                      Hull, Yorkshire
Elizabeth Richardson  wife   54                              Hull, Yorkshire

Death of Henry
JunQt 1870 aged 54 Hull 9d,121

Probate 19 Oct 1872 effects less than 50
Administation of the effects of Henry Richardson late of the borough of
Kingston upon Hull, Tailor who died 18th May 1870 at Kinston upon Hull
was granted at York to Elizabeth Richardson of Kinston upon Hull
Widow of the Relict.

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