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Repository Hull City Archives  
RefNo BRG/12/958 
Title Registration of persons bound apprentice to freemen  
Date 4 Jan 1828  
Thomas Richardson the Younger son of 
Thomas Richardson of Hull. Joiner 
to Robert Todd. Cooper, witness Simon Baslington.  

1841 census  
Source              ref HO 107/1232 folio 15 pg 42
Place               Bond Street  Hull 

Thos      Richardson   age60 Cabinet m
Hannah    Richardson   age60 
John      Richardson   age25 Cabinet m 
Thomas    Richardson   age25 Cooper  J 
Henry     Richardson   age20 Tailor  J
William   Richardson   age20 Cabinet m, J
Jos/h     Richardson   age20 Cabinet m, J

J= Jouneyman
Possible death Hull reg 1846
Thomas Richardson aged 32 West Sculcoates Hull refWES/4/42
free bmd has 2 possible junqt 1846 and decqt 1846
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