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Hull Archives Finding No  QSR/1/26/8  
Title  Recognizance of Thomas Richardson of Hull, shipwright and 
William Duncan his apprentice Date  23 May 1806 
Description  :-recognizance of 20 each that William Duncan shall answer 
charges brought against him by William Woulds, Lieutenant of 
the Second Regiment of the Royal Surrey Militia,for an assault and battery 

Apprentice Records; Repository Hull City Archives  
Registration of persons bound apprentice to freemen:- 

Ref No. BRG/12/958 ; Date 4 Jan 1828  
Thomas Richardson the Younger son of Thomas Richardson of Hull. Joiner to 
Robert Todd. Cooper, 
Witness Simon Baslington.  

Ref No. BRG/12/1207 ; Date 28 Jun 1830  
Henry Richardson son of Thomas Richardson of Hull. Cabinet Maker to 
James Tapscott Pinshin of Hull. Tailor 
Witnesses Saml. Davison.  
Ref No. BRG/12/1228 ; Date 2 Nov 1830  
Henry Richardson son of Thomas Richardson of Hull Cabinet Maker to 
James Tapscott Pinshin of Hull. Tailor 
witness Saml. Davison clerk to Ms. Browne Solr. Hull.  

1841 census  
Source          HO 107/1232 book 15 folio 559  sched 43 page 29
Place           Sculcoates, district 5a, Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling        Bond Street 

Thos.     Richardson   age 60 Cabinet m
Hannah    Richardson   age 60 
John      Richardson   age 25 Cabinet m
Thomas    Richardson   age 25 Cooper  J
Henry     Richardson   age 20 Tailor  J
William   Richardson   age 20 Cabinet m, J
Jos/h     Richardson   age 20 Cabinet m, J
J= Journeyman
Possible death hull reg 1846
Thomas Richardson (jnr)aged 32 West Sculcoates Hull refWES/4/42
free bmd has 2 jun1846 and dec 1846
sheet 2

1851 Cencus  
Source          HO 107/ 2363 fol 636v 
Place           West Sculcoates  
Dwelling       35 Bond St. 

Thomas   Richardson head  m  70   Cabinet Maker                    Hull
                                  Emp 16 men and 11 app
Hannah   Richardson wife  m  70                                    Hull
John     Richardson son   u  38   cabinet maker emp 16 men 11 app
William  Richardson son   u  32   cabinet maker
Joseph   Richardson son   u  30   cabinet maker
Ann      Carler?   serv   u  18   house servant                    Pontifract

1851 census,
source               Ref No HO107/2362/0402r.    page 8  ed53    
place                Holy Trinity/S't Mary's Parish 
Dwelling             23 Cook Court 
Henry    Richardson  Head   U  35,    Tailor                     Hull

The 1851 General Directory & Topography of Hull lists:-
Henry Richardson, Tailor, at 22 Cook's Court, Bowl Alley Lane, Hull and
Thomas (senior) and John, Joseph and William are listed individually at
35 Bond St, Cabinet makers also Thomas and Sons 33,34,35 Bond St

However there is no sign of Thomas (junior a Cooper) in the trade lists in the East Riding 1851 census

No. 72 Death in the sub district of West Sculcoates In the county of York
When and
Where died
Name Sex
Occupation Cause of
Informant Registered
Twenty first
September 1855
35 Bond Street
74 years
Cabinet Maker
Disease of the Lungs
with Haemoptysis
6 months
John Richardson
Present at Death
35 Bond street Hull
Twenty fouth
September 1855
J M Fullam Reg.

Hull Packet,   28th September 1855
September 21, in this town, Mr. Thos. Richardson, of Bond- street, aged 74 years. in this .
sheet 3

Following the death of Thomas the 3 sons and their widowed mother left Bond street for Belgrave Terrace where Hannah died in 1859.
Belgrave terrace appears to be next to 1 Minerva, Spring bank where William and John live in 1881.

No. 333 Death in the sub district of Myton In the county of the Town of Kingston upon Hull
When and
Where died
Name Sex
Occupation Cause of
Informant Registered
Second March
8 Belgrave
78 years
Widow of
Thomas Richardson
a cabinet maker
a few weeks
John Richardson
Present at Death
8 Belgrave
Fourth March
Edw. Sidebottom

1861 census
source              RG9 piece 3592 folio 61 district 17 page 8 enu30
Place               Kingston upon Hull , North Myton, Holy Trinity, St Stevens
Dwelling            8 Belgrave Terrace 

John     Richardson head    U  45    Cabinet Makers &           Hull
William  Richardson brother U  39    Uphosters ; Carvers &      Hull
Joseph   Richardson brother U  37    Gilders, employing 70 men  Hull
Ann      Granstain?         m  27    Servant                    Pontifract
Amelia? M Ward              u  15    Serv                       Pontifract

Hull BMD marriges give a possible ref HT 2/221
GRO ref sepqt1853 hull 9d 315
Elizabeth Cook 
married  1853 Hull to 
Henry Richardson
1861 Census 
source           RG9 piece 3587 folio 106 page 11
place            Holy Trinity parish ,Kingston upon Hull 
dwelling         3 Richardsons Entry, (Near Dagger lane and Fish st),schedule 50

Henry      Richardson  head, m, 48, Tailor,                 b. Hull
Elizabeth  Richardson  wife, m, 54,                         b. Hull
Possible Elizabeth Cook ORIGINS

1851 census
source                   HO107; Piece: 2362; Folio: 149; Page: 39; en163
Place                    Holy Trinity Hull
Dwelling                 Robinson Row, south side( off Dagger Lane)

Elizabeth Cook    head  s   50   Owner of Houses                   Hull Yorkshire

sheet 4
By 1871 it appears there may have been sort of discord in the family William is still in the Family home but John and Joseph have moved

1871 census
Source:              PRO ref RG10  piece 4791 folio  ,  page 16,  enu 59
Place                Holy Trinity, North Myton District 19, St Stevens, Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling             8 Bellgrave Terrace,  Spring Bank 

William  Richardson  head  u  45     Cabinet Maker         Hull
Charlotte Shapley    ser   w  46     House Keeper          Louth Linconshire
Elizabeth Ledger     ser   u  19     Gen Servant           Hull

1871 census
source                 PRO ref RG10 piece 4783 , folio168,  page 26  enu154
place                  Kingston upon Hull, West Sculcoates, all saints 
Dwelling               55 Wright Street 

Elizabeth Thorpe      head  w   67      Lodging house keeper   Blyton Lincs.
Ann E. Robinson       dau   w   40                             Gainsbro Lincs
Elizabeth Wodmose     serv  u   18      domestic serv          london
John  Richardson    boarder u   58      Cabinet Maker          Hull

1871 census
source                  RG10    piece 4783   folio 63 page 32 enu176
Place                   West Sculcoates, Kinston upon Hull, All saints
Dwelling                72 Peel Street

                        Rel  Mar Age    Occ                   Birthplace
Jospeph   Richardson    head  u  50     Cabinet maker         Hull
Mary      Medd          serv  u  56     Housekeeper           
Mary      Afuy          serv  u  12     gen serv. Domestic    

1881 cencus
Source:	             PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4770    Folio 32    Page 6
Place:               Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
Dwelling:            1 Minerva Spring Bank 

William RICHARDSON    Head  U    58    Cabinet Maker 
                                       Employing 42 Men     Hull, York, 
John     RICHARDSON   Bro   U    65    Cabinet maker	    Hull, York, 
                                       And Apprentices
Charlotte SHARPLEY    Serv   U    58   Housekeeper          Louth, Lincoln,
Ann COOPER            Serv   U	  21   Domestic Serv        Burton Willows, York,

1881 census
Source        PRO Ref RG11   Piece 4759 folio81 page16
Place         Sculcoates
Dwelling      25 Peel St   
Joseph        Richardson Head  M    60                      Hull
Marian Cate   Richardson wife  m    40                      Hull
Edith mary    Richardson  dau  u     7     Scholar          Hull
Florence H.   Richardson  dau  u     5     scholar          Hull
John Rbt.     Richardson  son  u     4     scholar          Hull
Hilda marian  Richardson  dau  u     2                      Hull

sheet 4

1891 cencus    
source              rg12 / piece  3937 folio 110
Dwelling            63 Spring Bank 

                    Rel       age   Occ                      Birthplace
William Richardson  head      71    Cabinet Manufacturer     Hull
John    Richardson  brother   79    Living on own means      Hull
Sarah A Barron      cousen    60    House Keeper             Hull   
Elizabeth Swift     serv      44    Assistant Housekeeper    Sherrif Hutton
                                    and nurse domestic
Arthur G Swift                13                                  Hull

1901 census
Place              Sculcoates, All saints, West Hull
Dwelling           Lindan Villlas, 1 Pearson Park,

William Ricardson  head  s   80     Cabinet manufacturer       Hull
Elizabeth Swift    ser   w   54     House Keeper               Sheffif Hutton
Annie B Robinson   ser   s   24     housemaid Domestic         Hull

1901 census
Place           Sculcoates, St John the Baptist, West Hull
Dwelling         48 plane Street

Sarah Barron   visitor, S   74                                 Hull

1905 DecQt death Sculcoates 9d 97
Sarah Ann Barron age 82

Both Sara Ann Barron and a Monica Marshall benifited from William Richardson's Will
and are described as relatives as is a William Barron
Only one possible Monica Marshall in 1901, born Derby, living Lydney Gloscestershire

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