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William Richardson's WILL, of 1906, mentions several people as Relatives, but there is no clue as to whether these are on his mother's or Father's side of the family

William Barron relative and daughters Letice Lilly and Daisy
Sarah Ann Barron his housekeeper in 1891 census is refered to as an cousen, unmarried.
The following census indicates Sarah was William Barron's unmarried sister

   William stephenson
   b.~1896   Hull
   c.07dec1796 Sculcoates, hull, Yorks son of William and Sarah
  br.19apr1870 Hull aged 73
   m.01feb1819 Sculcoates  (LDS submission 178074)
   Martha  dau of John Wright  married Hull 11sep1788 Ann Richardson
   Wright                                          ( sister? of Thomas Richardson )
   c.11jun1795 Hull (c.107523)                         
   d.25apr1858 Hull
   Sarah                         William 
   ann                           b.30jan1834
   c.29sep1823 St marys hull     c.05mar1834  New Chapple Independant, Morley 
   d.                            d.1913?
                                 m1.decqt1865  ... m2.marqt1878 
                                 |  Hull           |  Sculcoates
                                 |                 |
                                 Mary A            Lettice 
                                 Horner            Brown
                                 b.                b.21jan1949 Salt, staffordshire
                                 d.                d.31jul1928 Hull
                                 |                 |
       George       Charles      Alfred            Lettice      Lilly         Daisy 
       horace       |            |                 brown        |             salome A 
       b.junqt1867  b.junqt1871  b.junqt1875       b.junqt1879  b.decqt1880   b.decqt1884
       d.           d.           d.                d.decqt1914  d.1954        d. 
                                                   |             aged 74      |
                                                   m.sepqt1907  *********     |
                                                   |                          |
                                                   barton                     |
                                                   King                       |
                                                   b.~1883                    |
                                                   d.                         |
                                                   |                          |
                                                   William                    Patricia?
                                                   barron                     |
                                                   b.25oct1914                b.sepqt1923?

sheet 2
William Barron

William Barron 1835-1913
Warden of the Hull Trinity House

Barron, William (18351913)
by Arthur G. Credland, Extract
Barron, William (18351913), mariner and autobiographer,
was born in Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire, on 27 April 1835,?**
the son of William Stephenson Barron (17971870), mariner.

After three years at the Hull Trinity House Navigation School
he was apprenticed on 27 March 1849, aboard the whaleship ...

PROBATE 24th May 1913 London
BARRON; William of 7 Hamlyn Avenue, Kinhgston upon Hull, Effects 2,713 16s 7d.

1841 census
Source             Ho107, Piece 1231, Book 8, Folio 28, Page 10
Place              Holy Trinity, Kinston upon Hull  
Dwelling           Hope Street 

Martha    Barron   40   
Sarah     Barron   15 
William   Barron    6 

1851 census 
source                Ho107, Piece 2363,   Folio 35,  Page 14  
Place                 Holy Trinity  Kinston upon Hull
Dwelling              schedule 45, 3 Hope Street 

Wm        Barron Head m 54        Mariner                          Hull
Martha    Barron wife m 54                                         Hull
Sarah Ann Barron  dau s 26        Milliner                         Hull
Charly   Johnson  lodger 69       Retired coach builder            Hull
indexed as barroW

1851 Electorial Register, Holy Trinity, Hull
William Stephenson Barron, Mariner, Hope Street

sheet 3
1859 Electorial Register, Holy Trinity, Hull
William Stephenson Barron, Hope Street
1861 census  
Source                RG9, Piece 3590,   folio  ,  page 26
Place                 Holy Trinity   Kingston upon Kull
Dwelling              schedule 139,  3 Hope Street 

William S Barron head W  64       Mariner                          Hull Yorks
Sarah a   Barron  dau s  37       Milliner                         Hull Yorks

1865 Poll boook, Sculcoates,Hull
William Stevenson Barron, 19 Caroline Place Hull
William Barron 19 Caroline Place Hull
William Richardson Belgrave Terrace, Spring Bank Joseph Richardson Belgrave Terrace, Spring Bank John Richardson Belgrave Terrace, Spring Bank
William Barron died Junqt1870 hull aged 73

1871 census 
Source                RG10, Piece 4795,   folio  , Page 24 
Place                 Holy Trinity    Kinston upon Hull
Dwelling              Schedule 131, 55 Day Street 

William   Barron  head m 35     Master Mariner                  Hull
Mary A    Barron  wife m 35                                    Thirks
George H  Barron  son     3                                    Hull
Alfred    Barron  son     1                                    Hull
Ann A Raper      niece   14                                  Flambrough

1881 census
Source:            RG11, Piece 4780,  Folio 64, Page 26
Place:             Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York, England
Dwelling:          89 Coltman St East Side

                   Rel   Mar  Age    Occ                Birthplace
William    BARRON   head  M    45     Master Mariner     Kingston Upon Hull, York
Lettice    BARRON   wife  M    31                        Salt, Stafford, England
George H.  BARRON   son   U    13     Scholar            Kingston Upon Hull, York
Charles    BARRON   son   U     9     Scholar            Kingston Upon Hull, York
Alfred     BARRON   son   U     6     Scholar            Kingston Upon Hull, York
Lettice B. BARRON   dau         2                        Kingston Upon Hull, York
Lilly      BARRON   dau        5m                        Kingston Upon Hull, York
Anne PRYTHERCH   sister  M    36     Coal Miners Wife    Salt, Stafford, England

sheet 4

1891 census 
source                RG12 piece 3945 folio 45 page 40
place                 Coltman, Holy Trinity hull
dwelling              schedule 231, 89 Coltman street (off Hessle Rd)

William    Barron  head  54  Master Mariner       yorkshire
Lettice    Barron  wife  42                       Stafford
Lettice B. Barron  dau   12   scholar             Hull
Lily       Barron  dau   10   scholar             Hull
Daisy      Barron  dau    6   scholar             Hull

1899 Directory, Hull William Barron, 89 COLTMAN Street, Master Mariner

1901 census 
Source           RG13 piece 4505 folio 125 page 1    
Place            Holy Trinity Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling         Schedule 4, 80 Coltman Street        

William   Barron head m 65    Master Mariner  Retired      Hull
Lettice   Barron wife m 52                                Salt Stafford
Lettice B Barron  dau s 22                                Hull
Lily      Barron  dau s 20                                Hull
Daisy S A Barron  dau s 16                                Hull
Anne Prytherth  vist  w 57                                Salt Stafford

1911 census
Source            RG14PN28616 RG78PN1646 RD521 SD4 ED6 SN4 
Place             Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling          7 Hamlyn Avenue

William   Barron 75 m 33 years   Retired Master Mariner        Hull
Lettice   Barron 62   3 children                               Salt Staffordshire
Lily      Barron 30 s                                          Hull 
Daisy J A Barron 26 s                                          Hull
Lettice brown Barron married sepqt1907 Hull To Richard Barton King

William Barron died 28th March 1913 Hull
sheet 5

1911 census
source          RG14PN28619 RG78PN1646 RD521 SD4 ED9 SN139 
Place           Sculcoates , Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling        30 Glencoe St, Allenby Road 

Richard barton King head 28 m  3 years       Jewellery Assistant     
Lettice        King wife 31 m  children none                         
Lettice B King died decqt1914 hull aged 34
possible child
William B King born decqt1914 Sculcoates

Daisy S A Barron married sepqt 1917 Hull
her widowed brother inlaw Richard B King

Lily Barron died decqt1954 Hull aged 74

London Gazette, 25th March 1955
Name of Decease Lily Barron
of 7 Hamlyn Avenue, Kingston upon Hull
died 27th November 1954
Payne & Sons, Hanover House,
Alfred Gelder Street, Kingston upon Hull
Daisy salome ada King and Richard barton King.
Notice on or before 31st May 1955.

PROBATE 23rd November 1980 Brighton
KING, William barron of Wayside, 35 Westingway, Bognor Regis,
died 23rd October 1980.Administration Brighton 23rd November 1980. Effects 5,560

sheet 6

Sarah Ann Barron

1891 cencus         RG12   Piece 3937 folio 110
Dwelling            63 Spring Bank 

                    Rel      Mar age   Occ                    Birthplace
William Richardson  head     S 71    Cabinet Manufacturer     Hull
John    Richardson  brother  S 79    Living on own means      Hull
Sarah A Barron      cousen   S 60    House Keeper             Hull   
Elizabeth Swift     serv     W 44    Assistant Housekeeper    Sherrif Hutton
                                     and ???? Domestic
Arthur G Swift                 13                             Hull  
Shortly after John and William set up a Legacy of 60 per annum for Sarah a Barron, possibly this was when Sarah retired as their house keeper. John Died in 1893. In Williams will further provisions are made to maintain this annuity.

1901 Census
Source              RG13 piece 4476 folio 109 page 13
Place               Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling            Schedule 139, 48 Plane Street 

Eliza     Barron   head W  60  living on own means                      Hull
Sarah ann Barron   vist s  74                                           Hull
1905 DecQt death Sculcoates 9d 97
Sarah A Barron aged 82. which fits well with her christening 23sep1823, suggesting her age recorded in the 1891 and 1901 were wrong, at the time John and William set up her Annuity she was probably aged about 70.
sheet 7

Elizabeth Swift, housekeeper and Benificiary

The Widow Elizabeth Swift inherited a large proportion of William's estate having been his housekeeper for some 15 years.

Julius Ceasar Swift married St Peters, Leeds CE46/73/74 Elizabeth Wilson

1881 census
Source:	         PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4770    Folio 131    Page 68
Census Place:	 Holy Trinity, Kingston-upon-Hull, York
Dwelling:	 8 Sydney Ter

                   Rel  Mar Age  Occ               Birthplace
Julius    SWIFT    head  M  48   House painter     Doncaster, York, England
Elizabeth SWIFT    wife  M  34                     Sheriff Hutton, York, England
Thomas    SWIFT    son      11    Scholar          Hull, York, England
Ada Sheriff SWIFT  dau       6    Scholar          Hull, York, England
Arthur C. SWIFT	   son       3 	                   Hull, York, England
GRO birth index                           York index MYTON HULL
Thomas                                    1869 MYT  75/172
Ada Elizabeth  DecQt1874 Hull 9d 219      1874 MYT  96/461
Arther Charles SepQt1877 Hull 9d 227      1877 MYT 110/209

GRO Deaths
Julius Caesar A. Swift DecQt1887 Hull 9d 179
By 1891 Elizabeth Swift is a houskeeper for John and William Richardson

1901 Census
Source               RG13 piece 4492 folio 98 page 2 en14
Place                West Sculcoates District 11
Dwelling             Linden Villas, 1 Pearsons Park 

William Richardson   head s  80  Cabinet manufacturer employer         Hull
Elizabeth Swift      ser  w  54  house keeper                          Sheffif Hutton
Annie B Robinson     ser  s  24  housemaid domestic                    Hull

sheet 8

Also described as a relative is the widow Monica Marshall (nee Hoggett) who benifited from William's WIll by the sum of 1,500

Only one possible Monica Marshall in 1881
born Derby, and living Lydney Gloscestershire in 1901
her siblings recieved no benifits, which raises the question was she related through Hoggett and recieved help as a widow, or as the spouce of her deceased husband James Marshall.

1881 Census
Source:	          PRO Ref RG11    Piece 5219    Folio 40    Page 6
Place:            Chepstow, Monmouth, Wales
Dwelling:         20 High Street

                  Rel  Mar Age   Occ             Birthplace
Charles  HOGGETT  head  M   39   Butcher         Derby
Anne     HOGGETT  wife  M   32                   Chepstow, Monmouth
Charles  HOGGETT  son        9   Scholar         Croydon, Surrey, 
Florence HOGGETT  dau        7   Scholar         Croydon, Surrey
Jenny    HOGGETT  dau       8m                   Chepstow, Monmouth
Monica  MARSHALL sister W   43                   Derby,     
William MARSHALL nephew     13                   London, Middlesex

Monica Hoggett married 10 july 1864
James Marshall All saints Stepney London
GRO Births
Monica  Hoggett Derby DecQt1837 19-333
Charles Hoggett Derby JunQt1841 19-518
Emma    Hoggett Derby JunQt1843 19-3?8?
Maria   Hoggett Derby DecQt1859 7b 39?

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