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Articals from Wakefield Journal
transcribe by Wendy Jordan

     Jesse charged with assault  by Mary Battie and H. Firth

     Jesse of Carrgate assault on cousen John Ramsden , case dismissed

1848 18 july Partnershires Dissolved: Bryan Ramsden, Samuel Hemmingway, of Dewsbury
             Bone Merchants.
1849 15 may  Bancrupt notice : Ramsden,Bryan, Dewsbury, Yorkshire,bone merchant,
             may 31, june 15 Leeds district court of Bancruptcy,    solicitors 
             Scott & Co Lincoln inns field Messr Taylor and Westmoreland Wakefield

1849 28 jul  Bryan Ramsden, bone merchant Dewsbury  Charged with forgery ##Not Guilty

1849 15 jul  Bryan Ramsden, bone merchant, Dewsbury, last Exam,and proof of Debts
             Leeds District court of Bancruptcy

1850         Bryan Ramsden, bone merchant, Dewsbury, last exam and proof of debts

     Mrs Ramsden, wife of Jesse Ramsden charged Bryan Ramsden with Assault

     Bryan Ramsden Guilty of malicious injury, ordered to pay 5 19 shillings
     or be committed to the house of correction for 2 months

     Bryan Ramsden summonds for assault by Mrs Ramsden sister-in-law
     ordered to pay one pounds costs.

     Bryan Ramsden  charged with assauting his mother in law
     Martha Saville and bound to keep the peace in surity of 20
     and 2 each of 10 or 2 months in prison

     Jesse Ramsden Grocer of Brandy Carr married
     Mary Pearson daughter of farmer Snow Hill on 25th of ?

      Jessie Ramsden charged with assaulting Mrs Ramsden, 
      Elizabeth Lindley and Mrs Speight at Potovens june 27th

      Wakefield Journal & Examiner and West Riding Herald 
      Friday 6 July 1855, page 8.   Police News
      (Trancribed by Brian Auty)

      Assulting Females 
      Jabez Auty, Jesse Ramsden and Arron Farrer were summoned for 
      assaulting Mrs Ramsden, Elizabeth Lindley and Mrs Speigh 
      at Potovens   june 27th 
      Mr Barrell appeared for the defence.The case was clearly proved, 
      and the defendants were ordered to pay 2, including expenses.

      Jesse Ramsden was also charged with throwing stones and breaking open 
      the door of Alice Parttey at Potovens on the same night.
      He was ordered to 18s, including expenses.

     Jesse Ramsden charged by Mr. John Wroe ,criminal damage by pulling up
     an oak sapling value one shilling, fined 18 shillings

1898 Friday 14 oct Yorkshire Evening post-
     At Wakefield- , Benjamin Ramsden, market gardener, Brandy Carr, 
     a memberof the Alverthorpe Parish council, was charged with being

     Benjamin Ramsden summoned for assault, week ending  30 june

     Benjamin Ramsden ,drunk in charge of a horse, week ending 7 july

     Harold Ramsden died 9sept1901

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Extracts from Genuki pages
© Colin Hickson 

Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades"
for WAKEFIELD in Baines's Directory of 1822.


Roberts   James,   Northgate
Roberts   George,  Wood street


Thomas  Ramsden Butcher, Commercial row wakefield 
although the original tree has thomas as dying young?
this may relative, by the 1851 census he is not listed

Extract from Wrenthrope History Web 1853 Whites Directory Wrenthrope Gardeners Timothy pearson Potovens Ramsden Jess Brandy Carr Ramsden J. Jun. Brandy Carr Market Gardeners William Ramsden Carr Gate
Transcript of the entry of "professions and trades" for ALVERTHORPE in White's Directory of 1887. Ramsden Mr. Bryan H. Brandy Carr Ramsden Miss Emily Jane, dressmaker, Brandy Carr Ramsden, James, farmer and cart owner, Kirkham Gate Ramsden Jesse, mrkt. Grdnr. Brandy Carr; and Beeston, Leeds Ramsden, Joseph Saville, nurseryman, florist and fruitgrower, Vine Cottage, Brandy Carr Ramsden Wltr. Solr. (Carter & R. ) Leeds; h Flanshaw Lane
1901 Kellys
Gardeners  Brandy Carr
Ramsden George          Market Gardener
Ramsden Joseph Saville  Florist and Market Gardener
Joseph also listed in Kelly's 1936

Alverthorpe Transcibed by Eileen Kirkham
Wakefield transcribe by Angela Petyt

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