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Marriage 31st dec 1797, All Saints Wakefield, Ann Helm to John Ramsden


Original tree started 1911 began with the children of John Ramsden and Ann Helm, but the children are in different order to parish records, however this came from Ellen Pearson's memory and would probably not have included any children who died young.
Ellen was dau of Elizabeth ann Peason nee Ramsden Ellen's eldest sister Mary married Jesse Ramsden.
Census, IGI and parish records suggest that family records were not in chronological order
Best match christenings at East Ardsley St Michael's Parish Register
by John RAMSDIN/RAMSDEN of Wakefield parish.

Orig Tree
No dates     Parish Records                               Parents
             Mary             07 oct 1798                 Ramsdin
John         John             07 sep 1800                 Ramsdin
Benjamin     William          25 dec 1803                 Ramsdin 
William      Benjamin         02 feb 1806                 Ramsdin
             Jane           b.30 oct    c.15 nov 1807     Ramsdin         
             Thomas         b.17 nov    c.24 dec 1809     Ramsden and Ann
             Elizabeth Ann    b.        c.12 apr 1812     Ramsden and Hanh.(ann)* 
James        James            06 mar 1814                 Ramsden and Ann
Brian        Brian            24 sep 1816                 Ramsden ann Ann
Jessie       Jessie           16 may 1819                 Ramsden and Ann
* Elizabeth Ann born 12 jan 1812 source; Pearson family bible
John Ramsden's Will written jan 1840 only names specifically just 4 of his children;
William, Bryan, Jesse ,Benjamin, no mention of daughters or John Thomas James or Jessie.

1841 Burial in East Ardsley


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