Jesse Ramsden

Family Tree

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Ramsden Origins Mary 1798 William 1803 Benjamin 1805
Thomas 1809 Elizabeth 1812 James 1814 Bryan 1816


       Jesse  Ramsden  10th child of Ann Helm and John Ramsden 
       d.sepqt1869 aged 48                     Info 1a, Bapt Marriage
       m.04jul1847 St Peter, Birstall, Yorks    
       Ann            dau of Andrew Craigs       Info 1b, 1881 census
       Craigs      gdau of Bella Craig of Flockton
       |                born Alverthorpe
|==================================//  ===========================||
Mary                                   Alice   original tree has Jane        
ann                                    jane?       and that she was eldest dau
b.1848/9                               b.sepqt1856   or marqt    
d.                                     d.10may1913   aged 57 wakefield            
|                                      |                          
m?.sepqt1864 caistor or  marqt1871     P.?   .................m.15may1875      
|                        |             |                      | 
John .............       William       ?                      David
Dixon                    Calvert       ?                      Chappell 
                                       b.                     b.
                                       d.                     d.1911+
                                       |                      |
                                       |==============        ================== Info 2a, Emily Ramsden
                                       Emily Ramsden          10 children 2 died young
                                       b.1873/4 Pensyvania USA
                                       d.marqt1933 wakefield aged 59
                                       m.junqt1898 Wakefield
                                       | as Emily ramsden Chappell         Info 2b, Emily Ramsden and the Chapple family
                                       b.~1874     Wakefield
                                       d.marqt1962 wakefield aged 88
    Alice        Laura       Hilda        Thomas and William
    junqt1899    decqt1900   sepqt1905    twins marqt 1908

Crompton of Nafferton Elgey of Driffield Richardson of Hull
Roberts of Wakefield Pearson of Wakefield / Bradford Borrell-Brown

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