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    George Newton Cordwainer of Rothwell
    m.11may1761 at All Saints, Harewood after Banns 19,26 April 3rd May
    Harper  of Harewood parish
    c.28jul1738 All Saints, Harewood dau of John Harewood of Hecton
    |         baptised at Holy Trinity Rothwell by John of Middleton
   John Newton                         possible brother George from Middleton
   c.30jun1765                                          b.20jun1767
  br.25mar1845 aged 80  Rothwell                        c.19jul1767
   |   of lingwell gate                                 |
   m.24apr1791 All Saints, Wakefield                    m?21feb1790 holy trinityRothwell
   |                                                    |
   Martha                                               Mary
   Heaselgrave                                          Morton
   |                                                    | Baptisms East Ardsley
   |=                                                 ==================================
   |                                                  Mary   Thomas  Maryann Hannah James
   |                                                   1802   1911    1805    1808   1817
   | bapt Holy Trinity Rothwell to John and Martha
   Elizabeth      Thomas         John
   b.21jan1794    b.13may1796    b.05jul1799
   c.03mar1794    c.19jun1796    c.04aug1799

   |     bapt @ St Michaels East Ardsley father John Cordwainer
             Charlotta              George            
             c.18apr1802            c,26jul1807 

The above origins are circumstatial, however given the George c.26jul1807 has a father John who is a Cordwainer and his first daughter is Martha and first son John, it would seem very probable.
1841 census for Lingwell Gate has a Thomas Newton 40 Shoe maker with father? John 75
sheet 2

   George Newton (1st) of Lingwell Gate, Stanley cum Wrenthrope
   c?26jul1807  at St Michaels, East Ardsley, father John Newton Cordwainer
   d.31jan1893  aged 85
   m.10jan1833 St john the Baptist Wakefield
   c.23mar1812  St Michaels, East Ardsley
   d.26onov1877 aged 65
   |  christened St. Michaels, East Ardsley  
   Martha        Hannah        John          Charlotte    Eliza       
   |             (ann)         |             |            |         
   c.10mar1833   c.09nov1835   c.18sep1836   c.12aug1838  b.15oct1840   
   d.                          d.1905        d.1916       c.21mar1841   
   |                           |             |            d.1848?
   m.                                        m.           
   |                                         |            
   Benjamin                                  Thomas
   Roger                                     Brook
                                             George        James         Thomas   
                                             |             |             |
                                             b.01jul1844   |             b.12jul1849
                                             c.11may1845   c.23may1847   c.24oct1852
                                             |             |             |
                                             m.            m.            m.
                                             |             |             |
                                             Mary          Mary E.       Elizabeth ann
                                             Mercer        Peace         Mercer

On 9 th January 1833 George Newton Married Mary Farra,
Mary Farra(r) c.23mar1812 at St. Michaels, East Ardsley. daughter of Hannah and Jacob Farra Cloth maker of this Parish.

Mary and George (a Cordwainer) lived 1833-45 Outwood in 1847 they are in Alverthorpe by 1851 census they live at Brandy Carr and George is now a Farmer.

sheet 3
Baptisms solomnized at St Michaels, East Ardsley
Birth Baptism Child Parents Surname Occupation Residence
~~ 1833
10th March
Dau. of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
~~ 1834
9th November
Dau. of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
~~ 1836
18th September
Son of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
~~ 1838
12th August
Dau. of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
15th October
21st March
Dau. of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
1st July
11th May
son of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Outwood
~~~~ 1847
23rd May
son of
& Mary
Newton Cordwainer Alverthorpe
12th July
24th October
son of
& Mary
Newton Farmer Brandy Carr

sheet 3

   George Newton (2nd)
   b.01jul1844 Brandy Carr
   c.11may1845 St Michaels East Ardsley
   m.21feb1878  St Michaels, East Ardsley
 Bertha       Joseph       Elizabeh     Norman       Susan        Janet        George 
                           ann          |            |            |            |
 b.marqt1879  b.sepqt1880  b.marqt1883  b.junqt1885  b.junqt1887  b.junqt1889  b.1892

      George Newton   7th Child of Mary and George Newton
      b.08may1892   Brandy Carr
      d.sepqt1979   Wakefield
      m.decqt1912 Dewsbury
   Susan         Vera          Joan          George        Melville
   marion        elizabeth     annette       |             stanley  
   b.1914        b.1919        b.1921        b.04nov1923   b.1926
   d.1999        d.2011        d.2003        d.18jun1984   d.1986

sheet 4

1841 census
source         HO107; Piece: 1271; Book: 4; District: 19; Folio: 7; Page: 7; 
place          Alverthorpe with Thornes, Agbrigg, Wakefield
dwelling       Brandy Carr 

Jacob      Farrar 70  Woolen Clothier  All born Yorkshire
Hannah     Farrar 70
George     Newton 30  Shoe maker
Mary       Newton 25
Martha     Newton 8
Hannah     Newton 6
John       Newton 4
Charlotte  Newton 3
Eliza      Newton 1

Jacob Farrar aged 77 of Alverthorpe buried 2nd May 1848 at St. Michaels, Alverthorpe
Hannah Farrar aged 79 of Alverthorpe buried 26th Jan 1851 at St. Michaels, Alverthorpe
It appears their daughter Mary Newton was their only child
and Mary and George Newton inherited land at Brandy Carr.

1851 census
source              HO107; Piece: 2328; Folio: 306; Page: 10; 
place               Alverthorpe with Thornes
dwelling            schedule 36, Brandy Carr 

George     Newton  head  m  45  Shoe Maker                    Stanley
Mary       Newton  wife  m  40                                Alverthorpe
Martha     Newton  dau   s  18                                Alverthopre
Hannah     Newton  dau   s  16  Employee factory  Jonsted?    Alverthopre
John       Newton  son   s  14                                Alverthopre
Charlotte  Newton  dau      13  Employee factory  Jonsted?    Alverthopre
George     Newton  son       7  scholar                       Alverthopre
James      Newton  son       5                                Alverthopre
Thomas     Newton  son       2                                Alverthopre

1861 Census
source              RG 9; Piece: 3428; Folio: 79; Page: 7; 
place               Alverthorpe with Thornes
dwelling            schedule 29, Brandy Carr  

George     Newton  head  m  53  Farmer of 20 Acres    Stanley cum Wrenthrope
Mary       Newton  wife  m  48                        Alverthorpe
John       Newton  son   s  24  Ag Lab                Alverthorpe
Charlotte  Newton  dau   s  22  Assists in the house  Alverthorpe
George     Newton  son   s  16  Black Smith           Alverthorpe
James      Newton  son      14  Black Smith           Alverthorpe
Thomas     Newton  son      11  scholar               Alverthorpe

1871 census
source          RG10; Piece: 4628; Folio: 105; Page: 9;
place           Alverthorpe with Thornes
dwelling        schedule 43, Brandy Carr 

George  Newton  head  m  63  Cattle Dealer and Farmer 0f 19  Acres    Stanley       
Mary    Newton  wife  m  50                                           Brandy Carr
Ann     Newton  dau   s  36                                           Brandy Carr
John    Newton  son   s  34   Ag Labourer                             Brandy Carr
George  Newton  son   s  26   Mechanic                                Brandy Carr 
Thomas  Newton  son   s  21   Blacksmith                              Brandy Carr

sheet 5
1878, George Newton (jnr) married 21str January 1878 Wakefield to Mary Mercer

1881 census
source            RG11; Piece: 4581; Folio: 12; Page: 17;
place             Alverthorpe cum Thornes 
dwelling          schedule 83, Brandy Gate 

George Newton  head  W  73  Formerly Cattle Dealer           Lingwell Gate
John   Newton  son   s  43  Farm Servant                     Alverthope

dwelling          schedule 84, Brandy Carr 

George  Newton head  m  36  Farmer and Cattle Dealer          Alverthorpe
Mary    Newton wife  m  31                                    Alverthorpe
Bertha  Newton dau       2                                    Alverthorpe
Joe     Newton son       2months                              Alverthorpe

1891 census
Source        RG12; Piece: 3752; Folio: 20; Page: 33; 
place         Alverthorpe with Thornes
dwelling      schedule 207, Brandy Carr, Green Windows Farm 

George        Newton  head  m  46   Farmer and Cattle Dealer        Brandy Carr
Mary          Newton  wife  m  41                                   Alverthorpe
Bertha        Newton  dau      12   scholar                         Brandy Carr
Joe           Newton  son      10   scholar                         Brandy Carr
Elizabeth Ann Newton  dau       8   scholar                         Brandy Carr
Norman        Newton  son       5   scholar                         Brandy Carr
Susan         Newton  dau       3                                   Brandy Carr
Jane A.       Newton  dau       1                                   Brandy Carr

dwelling       schedule 210, Brandy Carr    

Thomas     Brook   head  m  51  Machine Fitter                       Wakefield
Charlotte  Brook   wife  m  51                                       Brandy Carr
Beckett    Brook   son   s  18  Machine Fitter                       Brandy Carr
Denton     Brook   son   s  16  Iron Turner                          Brandy Carr
Mary       Brook   dau      11  scholar                              Brandy Carr
George     Newton  FIL   W  83  Retired Farmer living on own means   Lingwell Gate

George Newton died 1893 aged 85
sheet 6

1901 census
Source         RG13; Piece: 4288; Folio: 12; Page: 15
place          Alverthorpe
Dwelling       schedule 94, Brandy Carr 

George    Newton head m  56    Farmer         Brandy Carr
Mary      Newton wife m  51                   Alverthopre      
Bertha    Newton dau  s  22                   Alverthopre  
Joe       Newton son  s  20   Farmer's son    Alverthopre  
Elizabeth Newton dau  s  18                   Alverthopre  
Norman    Newton son  s  15                   Alverthopre
Susan     Newton dau  s  14                   Alverthopre 
Janet     Newton dau     11                   Alverthopre
George    Newton son      8                   Alverthopre 

1911 Census
source           RG14; Piece: 27422 Didstrict 504 ed 9
place            Stanley, Wakefield 
Dwelling         Brandy Carr, 7 Rooms   

George        Newton 	      66 m.33yrs     Farmer        Brandy Carr
Mary          Newton 	      60  7 children 6 living      Flushdyke
Bertha        Newton  dau  s  32                           Brandy Carr
Elizabeth Ann Newton  dau  s  28                           Brandy Carr
Norman        Newton  son  s  26   Farmers son             Brandy Carr
Janet         Newton  dau  s  20                           Brandy Carr
George        Newton  son  s  18   Farmers son             Brandy Carr 
Joe           Newton  son  m  30 married less than 1 year  Brandy Carr
Mary          Newton  dil  m  23                           W. Harley?

George Newton (3rd) Married decqt1912 at Dewsbury 9b 1339
to Ann Copley
sheet 7


St Michael's Cemtery, East Ardsley

In Memory Of

MARY, the beloved wife of
of Brandy Carr, who departed
this life November 26th. 1877
Aged 65 Years.

Also of the above named
who died January 31st 1893
Aged 85 Years.
They Will Be Done

Also of JOHN, son of the above
who died March 4th 1905
Aged 68 Years

At Rest


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