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Norman Asquith born 1925 son of Violet Burnell who married 1924 Owen Asquith

            Thomas Asquith
            m.decqt1857 wakefield
 Ada         Arthur      Owen        Louisa     William     Mary        George      Ethel       Thomas
 |           |           |           margaret               jane        Allan                   herbert   
 b.decqt1858 b.junqt1861 b.marqt1864 twin  1864 b.junqt1866 b.sepqt1868 b.decqt1870 b.decqt1875 b.decqt1879
                         m.DecQt1888  Wakefield                        
                         b.decqt1868 Wakefield
  AMY             Alan            Fred           Doris       Owen          Sidney  
  sepqt1891       marqt1894       decqt1895     sepqt1897    b.junQt1902    1905
                                                             Violet Burnell
                                               Norman                 Patricia margaret
                                               b.1925                  b.1931
                                               worked as a clerk at    d.2009
                                               Briggs brothers mine    |
                                               |                       |
                                               |                       |
                                               m.decqt1947             m.1952
                                               |                       |
                                               Joyce Ramsden           Steven A
                                               b.1921                  Adams

possible christening Thomas Asquith c.07oct1832 St Michael East Ardsley, Yorkshire son of Mary and John Asquith a miner from Carr Gate.
sheet 2

1861 census  
Source                RG9  piece 3428  folio 78 page 5 
Place                 Alverthorpe with Thornes ditrict 11
Dwelling              Brandy Carr enu22

                   Rel Mar Age   Occ                         Born
Thomas   Asquith   head M  26    Gardener                    Wakefield
Margaret Asquith   wife M  25                                Wakefield
Ada      Asquith   dau  s   2    scholar                     Wakefield 
Arthur   Asquith   son  s   14d  Infant                      Wakefield

1871 census
Source                RG10 4628 district 12,  folio  104 pg 7  
Place                 Alverthorpe with Thornes
Dwelling              Brandy Carr enu35  

                  Rel Mar Age  Occ                        Born
Thomas   Asquith  head M  38  Farmer 9 acres 1 lab        Wrenthrope
Margaret Asquith  wife M  36                              Onley
Ada      Asquith  dau     12                              Wrenthrope
Arthur            son     10                              Brandy Carr
Owen              son      7                              Brandy Carr
Louisa margaret   dau      7 twins                        Brandy Carr
William           son      4                              Brandy Carr
Mary jane         dau      2                              Brandy Carr
George allen      son      4 mnth                         Brandy Carr

1881 census
Source:	             RG11  Piece 4575    Folio 59    Page 1
Place:               Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe, York, England
Dwelling:            Bradford Rd
                      Rel  Mar  Age  Occ                          Born
Thomas       ASQUITH  head  M   48   Fruit & Potato Merchant      Carr Gate
Margaret     ASQUITH  wife  M   46                                Honley, York
Ada          ASQUITH  dau   U   22   Dress maker                  Carr Gate, York
Arthur       ASQUITH  son   U   20   Bookkeeper                   Brandy Carr
Louisa Margaret ASQUITH     U   17   Pupil teacher                Brandy Carr
Owen         ASQUITH  son   U   17   Gardiner                     Brandy Carr
William      ASQUITH  son   U   14   Scholar                      Brandy Carr
Mary Jane    ASQUITH  dau       12   Pupil teacher                Brandy Carr
George Allen ASQUITH  son       10   Scholar                      Brandy Carr
Ethel        ASQUITH  dau        5   Scholar                      Brandy Carr
Thomas Herbert ASQUITH           1                                Wrenthorpe

1891 census 
Source               RG12 piece 3752 folio 20 page 34
Place                Alverthorpe with thornes district 1 
Dwelling             Brandy Carr, schedule 213  (near to Ramsden 215/7/8)
Owen    Asquith  head m 27  Fruit and Potatoe Dealer              Alverthorpe
Isa     Asquith  wife m 22                                        East Ardsley
Ernest  Asquith  son  s  1                                        Wrenthrope 
sheet 3

1881 census     
Dwelling:	Potovens Road
Place:	Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe, York, England
Source:	FHL Film 1342104     PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4575    Folio 67    Page 17

                Rel  Mar  Age   Occ                   Birthplace
Grace TERRY	head  W	  54 	Inn Keeper	      Ovenden, York 
Iza   TERRY	Gdau  U   12    Scholar               East Ardsley, York 
Ada   HUSTLER   dau   M   27 	assistant             Norwood, York 
Annie HUSTLER	Gdau  U    3 	                      Bramly, York
Thomas CLAY  brother  U   63    Ostler (inn)          Ovenden, York

1901 census 
Source           RG13; Piece: 4283; Folio: 52; Page: 13. shed 82
Place            Outwood district 11 , Stanley ,Wakefield
Dwelling         New Wheel Lane , Potovens Lane

                 Rel Mar Age  Occ                          Born 
Owen   Asquith   head M  37   Publican                     Alverthorpe
Isa    Asquith   wife M  32                                East Ardsley
Amy    Asquith   dau  u   9    sepqt1891                   Alverthorpe
Allen  Asquith   son      7    marqt1894                   Alverthorpe
Fred   Asquith   son      5    decqt1895                   Alverthorpe
Doris  Asquith   dau      3    sepqt1897                   Wrenthrope

Post Office Directory 1877
Asquith, Thomas  - market gardener, Brag Lane End
Asquith, William - market gardener, Brag Lane End

1887 genuki trades 
Thomas       Asquith              Fruit and potato merchant    wrenthope
Benjamin     Asquith              maket Gardener               carr gate
mrs Mary     Asquith              Carr gate
mrs Sophia   Asqiuth              Mkt Gardener                Carr Gate

Kelly's 1901 wrenthrope
Asquith, John - market gardener, Bragg Lane End
Asquith, Owen - beer retailer
Asquith, Sophia (Mrs) - market gardener, Bragg Lane End
Asquith, Thomas - farmer and market gardener, Wilson Hill

sheet 4

1901 census
East Ardsley , St Michael parish
RG13/4291 folio96 page 40 schedule 253

                    Rel   Mar  Age   Occ                  Birthplace
William   Asquith   head       34    Mkt Gardener         Brandy Carr      
Elizabeth Asquith   wife       33                         East Ardsley    
Edith     Asquith   dau        16                         Wrenthrope  
Louisa    Asquith   dau        11                         Wrenthrope 
Gertie    Asquith   dau         9                         Wrenthrope     
Thomas    Asquith   son         5                         Wrenthrope    
Edgar     Asquith   son         4                         East Ardsley  
Lillian   Asquith   dau         3                         East Ardsley   
John S    Asquith   son         1m ?                      East Ardsley    
William   Asquith   son         1                         East ardsley

1901 census
East Ardsley
George   Asquith                30    asst Teacher board         Brandy Carr

1901 census Outwood 
Margaret Asquith                66                               Honley

1911 census
Source          district 504 sub 5  enu 1  page 228
Place           East Ardsley 
Dwelling        Pilden Lane 

Owen    Asquith  head 47 m  22 years Potatoes Dealer and Market Gardener   Alverthorpe
Isa     Asquith  wife 42 m  8 children 7 living                            East Ardsley
Allan   Asquith  son  17 s      Assisting in the business                  Alverthorpe
Fred    Asquith  son  15        assisting  in land                         Alverthorpe
Doris   Asquith  dau  13        assisting in housework                     Stanley
Owen    Asquith  son   8        school                                     Stanley
Sidney  Asquith  son   5        school                                     Stanley

Godfrey Rhodes  boarder 29     Tailor's presser

Kelly's 1936
Wrenthorpe: Commercial
Asquith, John - market gardener, Bragg Lane End

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