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          Thomas H.
          m.decqt1884 Frome 5c 889 ,Sommerset
          Sarah Eleanor
   Charles        Thomas       Ethel       Gertrude      Douglas
   |              E.           |           eleanor       |       
                               b.~1888     b.decqt1890 kingston
                                           |           surrey

1871 census 
Source                 RG10 piece 2432 folio 74  page 22
Place                  Frome , District 12,  christ church
Dwelling               35 Keyford street shed 129 

Thomas     Moon   head  M 41   Corn Merchant & Farmer 80acres emp 4men 1boy  Frome
Jane M     Moon   wife  M 44                                                     Frome 
Jane C     Moon   dau   U 22   Domestic duties                       
Georgina m Moon   dau   u 18   Governess at home
Charles    Moon   son   u 17   Printer & Stationers Apprentice
Elizabeth  Moon   dau   u 15   Scholar                              
Alice      Moon   dau   u 13   Scholar  
Thomas     Moon   son   u 11   Scholar                    
Frances    Moon   dau   u  9   Scholar  
Lilias     Moon   dau      7   Scholar        
Minnie     Moon   dau      5   Scholar 
Mabel      Moon   dau      3  
Norah      Moon   dau      1
Martha  Hodges    ser     22  Domestic

1881 census
Source:          RG11    Piece 2402    Folio 86    Page 9
Place:           Frome, Somerset, England
Dwelling:        Vallis Farm  (Egford)   

Thomas J.  MOON  head   M  51      Farmer  of 470 Acres     Frome, Somerset
                                    Employing 12 Men 2 Boys
Jane M.    MOON  wife   M  53      farmers wife             Frome, Somerset
Thomas H.  MOON  son    U  21      farmers son              Frome, Somerset
Frances A. MOON  dau    U  19      farmers daughter         Frome, Somerset
Lilia c.   MOON  dau    U  17      farmers daughter         Frome, Somerset
Mable e.   MOON  dau       13      Scholar                  Frome, Somerset

Thomas Herbert Moon m. Sarah eleanor White
DecQt1884 GRO Somerset, Frome 5c 889

1891 Census 
Source              RG12 Piece: 613; Folio 110; Page 9
Place               Hook , District 32    , Surrey
Dwelling            Manor Farm, schedule 59 

Thomas H Moon  head M  31   Farmer                        Frome            Somerset
Sarah e  Moon  wife M  28                                 Marston Bigot,** Somerset
Charles  Moon  son  u  5    Scholar                       Hook, Surrey
Thomas e Moon  son  u  2                                  Hook 
Gertrude Moon  dau     7mn                                Hook 
Hettie   Row   ser     21   General servant domestic      Kingston
Louisa Britchford ser  17  
raminfo 12 sheet 2

Gertrude Eleanor Moon
birth DecQt1890 GRO Surrey, Kingston upon thames 2a 301

1901 census 
source            RG13, Piece 670, Folio 39 page 69   
Place:            Long Ditton   , Kingston district
dwelling       schedule 39, Oaklands 

Thomas herbert  Moon   head  M  41    Farmer                  Frome,  Somerset
Sarah           Moon   wife  M  38                            Frome,  Somerset
Ethel           Moon   dau      12                            Marlow, Bucks
Gertrude        Moon   dau      10                            Hook ,  Surrey
Douglas         Moon   son       8                            Hook ,  Surrey
Ada M.         White   SIL  s   35
Fanny       Dinsdale   nurse W  49
Maud S Tullick         serv  s  23   Cook
Rosie  Agers           serv     24   Housemaid

schedule 40   Moons Gns
Charles Hill        head  21 Carter   
Ada     Hill        wife  18
Schedule 41 Moons cottage
John    Pogson          head   44  Carter
Susanna Pogson          wife   47

Douglas Cart Horse trainer for Army m. Queenie
Charlie Royal artillery m. stella white
Thomas Royal Navy m1.? m2. Mary

1911 census
source                RG14; Piece: 3556; Schedule Number: 224
Place                 Long Ditton, Surbiton
dwelling              Oaklands, Clayton Road, Long Ditton  

Thomas Herbert   Moon  head  m  51  Farmer Dairy and Poultry     Frome sumerset
Sarah Eleanor    Moon  wife  m  48  married 26yrs 4 children     Frome
Charles Herbert  Moon  son   s  25  Working on Farm              Hook
Thomas Henry     Moon  son   s  22  Working on Farm              Hook
Gertrude Eleanor Moon  dau   s  20                               Hook 
Douglas          Moon  son   s  18  Working on Farm              Hook
Ada Mary         White       s  44  Sistere in Law
Stella Valentia  White       s  18  Niece
Annie May    Cracknell  serv s  18  Cook
Alice May         Wood  serv s  17  Housemaid


Sarah eleanor White baptised 12 november 1862, Holy Trinity Church Frome Somerset parents Mary and Henry White of Brookover Farm, Marston.

in 1891 census Sarah gives her birthplace as Marston Bigot
which is 2 miles south of Frome

1871 census 
Source           RG10; Piece: 2433; Folio: 13; Page: 18
Place            Marston, Frome, District 14, Somerset 
Dwelling         Brookover Farm shed 88 

Henry     White  head M  45     Timber merchant and farmer           Warminster Wilts.
                              of 187 acres emp 8 men  and 4 boys
Mary      White  wife M  42                                          Roddin Somerset
John      White  son  u  18     Farmers son                          Marston
Henry     White  son  u  16     Farmers son                          Marston
William J White  son     13     Scholar                              Marston
Charles   White  son     11     Scholar                              Marston
Sarah E   White  dau      8     Scholar                              Marston 
Ada M     White  dau      6     Scholar                              Marston
Rosa J    White  dau      3     Scholar                              Marston
Arthur D  White           5 months                                   Marston

Emily Greenland  ser     16     Dairy Maid
Rush Rendall     ser     15     Nurse maid 

1881 census
Source           RG12  piece 2402  Folio 91 Page 19 
Place            Marston Biggot , Frome District 14 , Somerset
Dwelling         Brookover Farm shed 110 

Henry     White  head M  55   Farmer of 200 acres emp 4 men 2 boys       longbridge Wilts
                            & Timer merchant emp 11 men 2 boys
Margaret  White  wife M  45       (2nd wife)                             Evereach Somerset
Charles   White  son  u  21   Farmers son                                Marston
Sarah e   White  dau  u  18   Farmers dau                                Marston 
Arthur d  White  son  u  10   Scholar                                    Marston
Elizabeth Arnold ser  u  18   General Servant                            Holcombe	

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