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1881 census
Source           RG11; Piece: 4581; Folio: 10; Page: 14;
place            Alverthorpe cum Thornes, Wakefield, Yorks
Dwelling         schedule 66, Brandy Carr   

Joseph S.  Ramsden head  m 33   Market Gardener          Alverthorpe
Sarah      Ramsden wife  m 33                            Bradford
Mary E.    Ramsden dau      1                            Alverthorpe
Gertrude   Ramsden dau      6mn                          Alverthorpe	 
Mary       Lacey   MIL  W.  73                           Wrenthrope
Joseph     Farrar  serv     15    Gardeners' Labourer    Alverthorpe

White's Diectory 1887, Alverthorpe
Ramsden  Mr.   Bryan H.                  Brandy Carr 
Ramsden  Miss  Emily Jane, dressmaker,   Brandy Carr 
Ramsden  James, farmer and cart owner,   Kirkham Gate 
Ramsden  Jesse, mrkt. Grdnr.             Brandy Carr; and Beeston, Leeds 
Ramsden  Joseph Saville, nurseryman, 
         florist and fruitgrower, Vine Cottage,   Brandy Carr 

1891 Census 
Source                  RG12 piece 3752 folio 21 page 35
place                   Alverthorpe with Thornes district 1
Dwelling                Brandy Carr Hill  schedule  217       

Joseph saville Ramsden head M  43   Market Gardener            Alverthorpe
Sarah jane     Ramsden wife M  42                              Bradford
Mary  E.       Ramsden  dau s  11                              Brandy Carr
Gertrude       Ramsden  dau s  10                              Brandy Carr   
Saville Helme  Ramsden  son s   9                              Brandy Carr  
Florence       Ramsden  dau s   8                              Brandy Carr
Ada louis      Ramsden  dau s   3                              Brandy Carr
Harold         Ramsden  son s   1                              Brandy Carr 
Mary           Lacey    MIL w   83  Living on own means        Wrenthrope

Schedule 218    Temerance House
Jesse       Ramsden   head M   60  Market Gardener            Brandy Carr
Mary        Ramsden   wife M   59                             Wrenrhrope 
Benj.       Ramsden   son  s   28  Gardener                   Brandy Carr
Edward      Ramsden   son  s   19  Groom                      Brandy Carr
Eva         Ramsden   dau  s   16                             Brandy Carr

1901 Census  
Wakefield district
source                 RG13 piece 4288 folio 10 page12
place                  Alverthorpe, Wrenthrope, St Ann
dwelling               Vine Cottage 

Joseph         Ramsden    Head    53    Market Gardener      Brandy Carr
Sarah J.       Ramsden    wife    53                         Bradford
Mary  E.       Ramsden    dau     21                         Brandy Carr
Saville H.     Ramsden    son     19    Market Gardener      Brandy Carr
Ada            Ramsden    dau     13                         Wakefield
Harold         Ramsden    son     11                         Wakefield

1901 Hunslet
Gertrude        Ramsden           20     Nursery Goveness    Brandy Carr

Also born Brandy Carr
Benjamin        Ramsden           38     Market Gardener   Brandy Carr
Percy           Ramsden           33     Market Gardener   Brandy Carr

Squire          Ramsden           50     ag Lab            Brandy Carr

Kelly's directory 1901 Bandy Carr
Joseph Saville Ramsden Florist and Market Gardener
also listed in 1936 but by then joseph had retired
and it was Saville helm Ramsden

Lunacy Admissions 1909 No. 5401
28th October Wakefield, Joseph saville Ramsden
Discharged 18th February 1910

Poor Rates Assesment 1910 EastArdsley

        Occupier    property type  Location   Owner             Gross  Rates  Acres
no. 188  Herbt.          House       Army Fold  Josph saville        4     3 4s  5 rods 
        Newsome                                Ramsden                           29poles 
                                               Vine Cottage
                                               Brandy Carr
                                              Nr. Wakefield
No.189    Mary ann Hawgate
No.190    E. Rawlinson
No.191    A. Hoycard

1911 census 
Source         RG14; Piece: 27422 district 504 sub 6  enu 8
Place          Alverthorp, nr. Wakefield      
Dwelling       Vine Cottage, Brandy Carr    

Joseph S   Ramsden   head 63  m 32 yrs  Market Gardener          Wakefield
Sarah J    Ramsden   wife 63  m 7 children 6 living             
Saville H  Ramsden   son  29  s    Market Gardener               Wakefield
Ada L      Ramsden   dau  23  s                                  Wakefield
Harold     Ramsden   son  21  s    Market Gardener               Wakefield

1911 census
Old TRrafford
30 Talbot Rd 

Gertrude Ramsden 28 Trained Sick Nurse               Alverthorp Wakefield 
Florence Ramsden 26 Trained sick Nurse               Alverthorp Wakefield

Nursing Sister Gertrude Ramsden

Enlisted or Conscripted: Enlisted Prior Military Experience: Not Specified
Enlistment Date: May 10, 1915 Age at Enlistment; 28
Enlisted at: Le Touquet, France Address at Enlistment:  
Civilian Occupation: Nurse Saw Service in: Unknown
Date of Birth: October 24, 1886 Next of Kin: Joseph Savile Ramsden,
Wakefield, Yorkshire,
Place of Birth: Wakefield, Yorkshire Country of Birth:  
Married: Single Religion: Church of England
Height: 5 Feet 6 Inches Chest: 35 Inches
Expansion: 3 Inches Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Nursing Sister Canadian Army
Medical Corps
12th Canadian
General Hospital

Kelly's 1936
Brandy Carr: Commercial

Ramsden, Joseph Saville - market gardener

Joseph savile Ramsden of Whin Bank Scalby road Scarborough 
died 29 april 1929 , Probate Wakefield 12 september to
Saville helm Ramsden gardener and Samuel Pickard chemist.
Effects 3,951 17s 6d

Probate, 24th October 1973 Leeds
Saville helm RAMSEN of 234 Brandy Carr Road, Brandy Carr, Wakefield.
Died 6 August 1973, 
Effects 11,136

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