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1851 Census 
Source                HO 107  piece 2328 folio 307 page 13
                      Alverthorpe with Thornes district 1m
Dwelling              Brandy Carr  en 48 

Ann            Ramsden  head   W  78                                 Middleton
Bryan          Ramsden  son    m  33      Alverthorpe   Gardener
Sarah Ann      Ramsden  DIL    m  33      Alverthorpe  ( dau of Martha Saville)
Joseph Saville Ramsden  Gson   u   3      Alverthorpe   
John           Ramsden  np     u  12      London, middx  
James          Ramsden lodger  M  35      Alverthorpe   Butcher

Following the death of his wife Sarah Ann (Saville) 22 October 1858 ,
Bryan's son is with his maternal grandparents whilst Bryan is with his brother William

1861 census
Source               RG9; Piece: 3428; Folio: 68; Page: 11
Place                Alverthorpe with Thornes District 10 
Dwelling             Kirkhamgate shed 34 

Martha   Saville   head W 74     Farmer of 100 acres            Alverthorpe
Harriet  Saville   dau  u 38                                    Alverthorpe
Joseph   Ramsden   Gson u 13                                    Brandy Carr

1861 census 
Source                 RG 9 piece 3421 folio 26 page 12 
Place                  Stanley cum Wrenthrope , district 11
Dwelling               1 Grandstand shed 47   

William Ramsden  head M 58    Farmer,Gardener 73 acres emp 2 lab        Alverthorpe
Rachael Ramsden  wife M 48    (2nd wife)                                Ossett
Benj.   Ramsden  son  U 25      Farmers son                             Alverthorpe 
Brian   Ramsden  brother W 40   Joiner, cabinet Maker  **               Alverthorpe
Wm Fletcher      ser  u  17    farm servant                             Pontifract

** Brian appears to be listed as Cabinet maker , but this probably enumrators error
As in 1851 census Joiner is Benjamin's occupation!

Bryan re-married sepqt1863 to Jane Oliver 1871 census shows Bryan with a new wife

Bryan Houghton Ramsden m. Jane Oliver 1863 sepqt york 9d 23

St. Michael, East Ardsley


1871 census
Source          RG10 piece 4628   folio 103 page 5
place           Alvedrthorpe and Thornes District 12
Dwelling        Brandy Carr shed 24

                      Rel   Mar  Age   Occ                Born
Bryan    Ramsden      head   M    50   Gardener           Brandy Carr
Jane     Ramsden      wife   M    45                      North Shields Northumberland
Joseph Saville Ramsden son   u    23   Gardener           Brandy Carr, 
Emilie jane    Ramsden dau         6                      Brandy Carr
Annnie white Oliver  niece        12                      North Shields

possible birth Jane Oliver c.27jul1825 St Hilda's Durham South shields James and mary Oliver

Original tree thought that Joseph saville Ramsden was Bryan's only child but Emily jane is born 1 year after 2nd marriage

1881 Census
Source:	      RG11   Piece 4581    Folio 10    Page 13
Place:	      Alverthorpe Cum Thornes, York, England
Dwelling:     Brandy Carr

                       Rel  Mar Age  Occ                    Born
Bryan H.      RAMSDEN  head  M  61   Gardener 4acres        Brandy Carr, York
                                        1man 1 boy (ND)
Jane          RAMSDEN  wife  M  61 	                    Durham,      York
Emily         RAMSDEN  dau      16                          Brandy Carr, York

Alverthorpe Directory of Trades and Professions for 1887
Ramsden Mr. Bryan H. Brandy Carr;
Ramsden Miss Emily Jane, dressmaker, Brandy Carr
Source GENUKI:

26 nov 1887 School board Election at Alverthorpe
            Election 6 cansdidates for 5 seats 
            Bryan H Ramsden 140 votes had offered to withdraw
            to save coasts of contest,
            he retired in favour of mr w Amys 126 votes (defeated)

Bryan's son Joseph married in 1878

1881 Census
Place         Alverthopre Cum Thornes
Dwelling      Brandy Carr
source        Ref RG11  Piece 4581     Folio 10   Page 14

                       Rel   Mar   Age	 Occ               Birthplace
Joseph S.     RAMSDEN  head   M     33   Mkt Gardiner      Alverthorpe                                       
Sarah (pacey) RAMSDEN  wife   M     33 	                   Bradford      
Mary E.       RAMSDEN  dau           1                     Alverthorpe
Gertrude      RAMSDEN  dau          6m                     Alverthorpe
Mary          Pacey    MIL    W     73                     Wrenthrope

raminfo 9 sheet 2

Emily jane Ramden is thought to have married Joseph Wainwright in junqt1888 Wakefield

1881 census
Dwelling:	Newton Lane End 2 Slaters Buildings
Census Place:	Stanley Cum Wrenthorpe, York, England
Source:	        RG11    Piece 4575    Folio 18    Page 30

                    Rel   Mar Age  Occ              Birthplace
Moses     WAINRIGHT   head   M   56    Miner Coal       E Ardsley
Jane      WAINRIGHT   wife   M   48                     W Ardsley 
Joseph    WAINRIGHT   son    U   30    Coal Miner       W Ardsley 
Henry     WAINRIGHT   son    U   17    Labourer         Newton Lane End
Sarah Ann WAINRIGHT   dau    U   18    Mill Hand        Newton Lane End
Mary Jane WAINRIGHT   dau    U   15    Mill hand	Newton Lane End

Emmaline    RAMSDEN   dau    M   25    Mill Hand        Newton Lane End
Ann E.      RAMSDEN   dau    U   13    Mill Hand        Newton Lane End
Herbert     RAMSDEN   son         8    Scholar          Newton Lane End

1891 Census 
Source          RG 12 piece 3752 folio 21 page 35
Place            Alverthorpee with Thornes district 1
Dwelling         Brandy Carr Hill shed 215 

               Rel Mar Age  Occ                     Born
Bryan Ramsden  head M 74  Retired Gardener          Brandy Carr        
Jane  Ramsden  wife M 71                            South shields county of  Durham     

Jane Ramsden died 1893 and
Bryan Ramsden died 1895

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