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1851 census
Source               HO 107 Piece 2321 folio 951 page 16 
Place                Little London, Leeds   
Dwelling             21 Upper North Street, schedule 57

                 Rel Mar Age  Occ                              Born
Thomas  Ramsden  head M  43   Boot Maker                       Leeds**
Sarah   Ramsden  wife M  43                                    Leeds
John    Ramsden  son  u  17   Builder                          Leeds
Thomas  Ramsden  son     15                                    Leeds
Henry   Ramsden  son     11                                    Leeds 
Joseph  Ramsden  son     6                                     Leeds       
Charles Ramsden  son     2                                     Leeds 

1861 census 
Source              RG 9 Piece 


1871 census 
Source             RG10, Piece 
Place              L

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