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Baptism 2nd February 1806, St Michaels, East Ardsley

baptism Benjamin

Burial 27th May 1849, St Michaels, East Ardsley

burial Benjamin

The following Benjamin is the only possible found in 1841 Census
although his age is recorded as 55 should be 35,
however he is living next door to William (his Brother) and
nearby to John and Ann (his parents?)
Benjamin marriage to Alice not found, neither the bapt of son John circa 1826

1841 census      6/7 june
source           HO107, Piece 1271, Book 4, Folio 8 page 7
Place            Alverthorpe with Thornes, District 19 Yorkshire
Dwelling         Brandy CARR 
                                          born this county
Benjamin Ramsden   55    Coal Miner              Y
Alice    Ramsden   40                           no
John     Ramsden   14    Coal Harrier           no

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William  Ramsden   35    Gardener               Y
Mary     Ramsden   35                           Y
Jesse    Ramsden   10                           Y
Benjamin Ramdsen    5                           Y

1841 census 
Place            Alverthorpe with thornes District 19 Yorkshire
source           HO107 piece 1271/4 Folio 6 page 4
Dwelling         Brandy CARR 

John  Ramsden  69  Gardener                         Y
Ann   Ramsden  69                                   Y
James Ramsden  25  Butcher                          Y
Jesse Ramsden  20  Gardener                         Y
Elizabeth       6                                   Y

1841 census 
Source                HO107; Piece 1271; Book: 4;  Folio: 6; Page: 5
Place                 Alverthorpe District: 19;
Dwelling              Brandy Carr

Charles Ramsden   20  Engine Worker               Y
Emma Ramsden      18                              Y
Samuel Ramsden    14  Engine Worker               Y
Sarah Ramsden     10                              Y
William Ramsden   45  Ag Lab                      Y
although William is last he appears to be the father
IGI shows
Charles c.09aug 1818 east ardsley
Emma ~1823 lds submission
Samuel c.12feb 1826
sarah c.12oct 1828
to William and Elizabeth

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