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1835 Baptism at St. Mary's in the parish of Woodkirk


1851 Census 
source                   HO107; Piece: 2328; Folio: 305; Page: 9
place                    Alverthorpe with Thornes district 1m
Dwelling                 schedule 34, Brandy Carr 

                      Rel   Mar   age   Occ                    Birthplace
William   Ramsden     head   m     47   Farmer and Gardener    Wakefield   
Mary      Ramsden     wife   m     48                          Halifax
Jesse     Ramsden     son    u     20   Farmer and Gardener    Alverthorpe
Ben'a.    Ramsden     son    u     16   Joiner                 Alverthorpe  

1861 census 
Source               RG 9 piece 3421 folio 26 page 12 
Place                Stanley cum Wrenthrope , district 11
Dwelling             1 Grandstand? Ledger Lane shed 47   

                     Rel  Mar Age  Occ                                    Born
William  Ramsden     head M  58    Farmer,Gardener 73 acres emp 2 lab     Alverthorpe
Rachael  Ramsden     wife M  48                                           Ossett
Benj.    Ramsden     son  U  25    Farmers son                            Alverthorpe
Brian    Ramsden  brother W  40    Joiner, cabinet Maker*                 Alverthorpe
Wm      Fletcher     ser  u  17    farm servant                           Pontifract
* joiner should refer to Benjamine
William Ramsden died decqt 1868 Wakefield aged 66

Benjamin Ramsden Married 5th August 1866 at Sandal Magna to Mary Hartley

1866,   Marriage solemnized   in the Parish Church   of   Sandal Magna  in the county of   York
Number When
Name and
Age Condition Rank or
Residence Fathers
290 August
32 Bachelor Farmer Wakefield William
34 Spinster ~~ ~~ Sandal Magna William
Married in the Church of Farsley   According to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Established Church,
after Banns Licence    by me William Buller M. A. vicar    
This Marriage
was solomnized
between us.
In the presence of:
Bryan Ramsden
anne Stack
Samuel Gill

Mary died decqt1869 Wakefield aged 38

1871 census
Source                   RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 36; Page: 15
Place                    Outwood, Stanley cum Wrenthrope
Dwelling                 Grand Stand schedule 69 

Benjamin  Ramsden  head   W  36   Farmer 86 Acres  4 lab          Wakefield
Rachael   Ramsden  mother W  58                                   Wakefield
Polly     Ramsden  dau        3                                   Wakewfield
Annie     Ramsden  dau        1                                   Wakefield

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