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1891 census
source            RG12; Piece: 3668; Folio: 114; Page: 4; 
place             Rothwell, Hunslett
dwelling          Shedule 22, The Mount 

William S. Ramsden   head s 37   Market Gardener          Brandy Carr
Mary       Healy   sister W 34   Living on own means      Brandy Carr
Phillis    Ramsden sister s 22   Teacher                  Brandy Carr
Ann        Healy    niece   10   scholar                  Wakefield
Herbert    Healy    nephew  8    scholar                  Wakefield
Mary sarah Healy    niece   5                             Wakefield

1901 census
source       RG13; Piece: 4199; Folio: 72; Page: 36    
place        Holy Trinity,Rothwell, Hunslet  
dwelling     schedule 235 Trinity Terrace     

William S    Ramsden     head  s  47   Market Gardener            Alverthorpe
Elizabeth A Illingworth  serv  W  43                      Durham, Sunderland

1911 census
source               RG14; Piece: 27179, district 502/1, ed 3
place               Beeston, Holbeck,  Leeds
dwelling            Crows Nest Farm, Crows Nest Lane 

W Sutcliffe  Ramsden  head    s  57  Market Gardener      Wakefield, Yorks
Percy        Ramsden brother  s  47  Market Gardener      Wakefield, Yorks
Edward       Ramsden brother  s  36  Market Gardener      Wakefield, Yorks
Alice        Ward    serv     w  49                       Nunton, Wiltshire

William died 10september 1911 buried Alverthorpe
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