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1831 Baptism at St. Mary's in the parish of Woodkirk


1851 Census 
source                   HO107; Piece: 2328; Folio: 305; Page: 9
place                    Alverthorpe with Thornes district 1m
Dwelling                 schedule 34, Brandy Carr

                      Rel   Mar   age   Occ                    Birthplace
William   Ramsden     head   m     47   Farmer and Gardener    Wakefield   
Mary      Ramsden     wife   m     48                          Halifax
Jesse     Ramsden     son    u     20   Farmer and Gardener    Alverthorpe
Ben'a.    Ramsden     son    u     16   Joiner                 Alverthorpe  

Jesse Ramsden married 25dec1852 All saints Wakefield, his cousen Mary Pearson


1861 census 
Source                RG9 piece 3428 folio 77 page 3
Place                 Alverthorpe with Thornes District 11
Dwelling              Jerry Clay lane en12 /Brandy Carr 

Jesse            Ramsden  head m  30  Gardener                Alverthorpe
Mary             Ramsden  wife m  29                           Alverthorpe
William sutcliff Ramsden  son  s   7  Scholar                  Alverthorpe
Mary             Ramsden  dau  s   4  Scholar                  Alverthorpe
Elizabeth ann    Ramsden  dau  s   1  Infant                   Alverthorpe

1871 census
Source                  RG10; Piece: 4628; Folio: 102; Page: 4
Place                   Alverthorpe
Dwelling                Schedule 21, Brandy Carr

Jesse            Ramsden  head m 40   Gardener and Farmer  of 50 acres  Alverthorpe     
Mary             Ramsden  wife m 39           emp 3 men 2 boys          Wrenthrope
William Sutcliff Ramsden  son    17   Gardener and farmer               Alverthorpe
Mary             Ramsden  dau    14   scholar                           Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann    Ramsden  dau    11   scholar                           Alverthorpe
Benjamin         Ramsden  son     9   scholar                           Alverthorpe
Harriett         Ramsden  dau     8   scholar                           Alverthorpe
Percy            Ramsden  son     3                                     Alverthorpe
Phillis          Ramsden  dau     2                                     Alverthorpe
Edward           Ramsden  son     8 Months                              Alverthorpe

1881 census
Source          RG11; Piece: 4581; Folio: 10; Page: 14/15;      
Place        aLVERTHORPE, Wakefield             
Dwelling    Brandy CARR  schedule 67           

Jesse          Ramsden head m  50   Market Gardener            Brandy Carr
Mary           Ramsden wife m  49                              Wrenthrope
William   S.   Ramsden  son s  27   Market Gardener            Brandy Carr
Benjamin       Ramsden  son s  19   Market Gardener            Brandy Carr
Elizebeth  A.  Ramsden  dau s  21                              Brandy Carr
Harriet        Ramsden  dau s  18                              Brandy Carr
Percy          Ramsden  son    14                              Brandy Carr
Phillis        Ramsden  dau    12                              Brandy Carr
Edward         Ramsden  son    10                              Brandy Carr
Eva            Ramsden  dau     6                              Brandy Carr

White Directory 1887 Ramsden Jesse, mrkt. Grdnr. Brandy Carr; and Beeston, Leeds

1891 census
source            RG12; Piece: 3752; Folio: 21; Page: 35
place             Alverthorpe   
Dwelling          Shedule 218 Temperance house

Jesse    Ramsden  head m 60  Market Gardiner and Farmer              Brandy Carr
Mary     Ramsden  wife m 59                                          Wrenthrope
Benjm.   Ramsden  son  s 28  Gardener                                Brandy Carr
Edward   Ramsden  son  s 19  Groom                                   Brandy Carr
Eva      Ramsden  dau  s 16   

source            RG12; Piece: 3668; Folio: 114; Page: 4; 
place             Rothwell, Hunslett
dwelling          Shedule 22, The Mount

William S. Ramsden   head s 37   Market Gardener          Brandy Carr
Mary       Healy   sister W 34   Living on own means      Brandy Carr
Phillis    Ramsden sister s 22   Teacher                  Brandy Carr
Ann        Healy    niece   10   scholar                  Wakefield
Herbert    Healy    nephew  8    scholar                  Wakefield
Mary sarah Healy    niece   5                             Wakefield

Yorkshire Post, 8th July 1899
experianced Monthly Nurse, for end of September; must have good references. - Address, Stating terms,529, The yorkshire
Apply - Jesse Ramsden, Brandy Carr, near Wakefield.

Possible death for Mary Ramsden
march Qt 1901 Huddersfield aged 69

1901 census
Source             RG13; Piece: 4198; Folio: 64; Page: 8
Place              Oulton with Woodlesford
Dwelling           Aireville Terrace, schedule 48 

Jesse        Ramsden  head W  69  Market Gardener   Wakefield
Elizabeth A  Ramsden  dau  s  41 
Phyllis      Ramsden  dau  s  36 
Edward       Ramsden  son  s  29   Assitant Market Gardener
Eva H        Ramsden  dau  s  25 

source      RG13; Piece: 4199; Folio: 72; Page: 36
place       Rothwell, Hunslett
Dwelling    schedule 235, Trinity Terrace

William S         Ramsden head  s  47  Market Gardener ,Employer   Alverthorpe
Elizabeth A  Shilingworth serv  w  45 Housekeeper domestic         Durham, Sunderland

Jesse Ramsden possible death aged 78 junqt1909 Leeds
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