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1871 cencus
source                           RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 10; Page: 14 
place                            Stanley cum  Wrenthrope district 9 
dwelling                         Farm House, Snow Hill,shed 71 

Timothy (1st)  Pearson  head M 60   Farmer of 28 acres emp 2men 1 boy  Alverthorpe                                             Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann  Pearson  wife M 59                             Outwood Wrenthrope in 51 and 81
Hannah         Pearson  dau  U 32                               Wrenthorpe
William        Pearson  son  U 25   farmers son                 Wrenthorpe
Harriett       Pearson  dau  U 18                               Wrenthorpe
Agnes          Pearson  dau  u 16                               Wrenthorpe
Jane           Pearson  dau    12      Scholar                  Wrenthorpe

Harriet Pearson married 14 dec 1876 St. George, Leeds
John Arthur Habgood b.1846 Manchester son of Maria and William Habgood

Arthur lionel Habgood born decqt1877

1881 census 
Source            RG11; Piece: 4445; Folio: 48; Page: 15; 
Place             Bradford east
Dwelling          schedule 72, 20 Chappel Street       

John     Pearson*  head m 34  Tailor's Salesman unemployed        Manchester
Harriet  Pearson*  wife m 28                                      Wakefield
Arthur L Pearson*  son     3                                      Bradford
*Recorded under wifes maiden name
John arthur Habgood died sepqt1882 aged 34 Wakefield
Harriet Habgood nee Pearson re-married marqt1891 St. Peters, Hunslet moor, Yorkshire to William Pickard

1891 census
source                  Rg12 Piece 3519 Folio 64  page 15/16
place                   Pannel, west Harrogate
Dwelling                4 st mary ave schediule 86 

William   Pickard   head m  36    Out of Business Cake contractor war dpt   Pudsey
Harriet   Pickard   wife m  37    Lodging house Keeper                      Wrenthrope
Arthur L  Habgood  stepson  13    scolar                                    Bradford
George E  Bowker visitor m  31    Clerk in holy orders
Harriet A Bowker visitor m  28
Muriel    Bowker vis         5
Frederick Bowker             3
Dorothy   Bowker             1

1901 census
source;                 RG13; Piece: 4054; Folio: 90; Page: 25.
place                   Harrowgate, Knarsborough
Dwelling                Schedule 163, 8 East Parade      

Wm      Pickard     head m  46 Retired  Builder?                Leeds
Harriet Pickard     wife m  48                                  Wakefield
John A  Habgood  stepson s  23                                  Bradford
Annie   Hardy     servant   30                                  Bradford

1911 census
source              RG14; Piece: 27111.
place               Leeds
dwelling            2 Darfield Cresent

Arthur Habgood  33 m 3yrs         Fishmonger       Leeds      
Edith  Habgood  34 m 3 children                    Sheffield
Mary   Habgood   3                                 Leeds 
Edith  Habgood   2                                 Leeds 
George Habgood   7/12                              Leeds 

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