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Annies Bagshaw Origins

1881 census
source:                     RG11; Piece: 4546; Folio: 137; Page: 40;
place                       Batley
Dwelling                   Wilson Buildings,  Bradford Rd. schedule 207     

John       Bagshaw  head M  52  Iron founder Master emply 45 men    Bradford
Ann        Bagshaw  wife M  53                                      Dewsbury
Charles H. Bagshaw  son  s  27  Iron founder                        Dewsbury
Arthur     Bagshaw  son  s  24  Iron founder                        Batley
Frank      Bagshaw  son  s  20  Iron founder                        Batley
Annie      Bagshaw  dau  s  18                                      Batley
Mary    Hutchinson  ser  s  20   general Servant domestic           Sheffield

George and Annie married marqt1891
not found, are they on Honeymoon ?
not with her parents

1891 census
source            RG12; Piece: 3521; Folio: 25; Page: 2;
place             Bilton with Harrowgate district 20
Dwelling          9 Ash Grove,  schedule 8 

John       Bagshaw head  m  62  Retired Iron founder         Bowling
Ann        Bagshaw wife  m  64                               Dewsbury
Frank      Bagshaw son      30  Asst Borough surveyor        Batley
Annie    Frankland serv     23                               Knarsborough

1901 census
Source          RG13; Piece: 4052; Folio: 129; Page: 51; Enu 286
Place           Harowgate, district 11, Knarsborough, yorks 
Dwelling        8 Lancaster Rd schedule 286

Geo       Pearson  head m 50   Stationer's Traveller        Wrenthrope nr Wakefield
Annie     Pearson  wife m 38                                Batley,  Yorks
Geo       Pearson  son     8                                Harrowgate
Florence  Pearson  dau     5                                Harrowgate
Elizth    Thompson serv   26                                Knarsborough
Frank     Bagshaw boarder 40   Civil Engineer               Batley, yorks

George Pearson died 23rd July 1909 Harrowgate

1911 census   
Source               RG14; Piece: 25927; ; 
Place:               Harrowgate, Yorkshire
Dwelling             5 Grove Road 

Annie        Pearson   head  w   48   Private Means                Batley
George       Pearson   son   s   18   Printer's Apprentice         Harrogate
Florence May Pearson   dau       15   Student                      Harrogate
Annie    Abram         ser    s  20   general servant domestic     Scotland

Annie Pearson possible remarriage marqt1922 Knasborough (harrowgate) to George H Syson

George Pearson possible marriage decqt1926 Knarsborough Jenny Adamson

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