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Oxford Men anbd their Colleges
Matriculation 1891
PEARSON, Frederick William born Wrenthrope Yorks, 28th* March 1873; 
1S. William, Gen. Exeter, Matric.22nd Oct 91 aged 18 
(from Wakefield Gr. School), scholar 91

1901 census
source         RG13, Piece 1227, Folio 64, page 35
place          Hendon district 3, Middlesex
dwelling       schedule 201, Garsmyton?, Finchley Lane

Fredrick  W.  Pearson  head   28  Hendon? School  worker    Wakefield
William   O.  Pearson  broth  22  University Student        Wakefield
Marianne      Pearson  sist   20                            Wakefield
Everlynn  A.  Pearson  sist.  14                            Wakefield
Archibald R.  Pearson  broth  12                            Wakefield
Lionel    G   Pearson  broth  10                            Wakefield

1911 census
source             Registration District 8 sub 1 Ed 14  Piece 604
place              Hampstead, Nw. London
dwelling           shedule 65,  44 Parliament Hll, 

Rosalind       Gorgon  head    64 widow    Boarding house keeper      Chertsey
Lillian        Gordon  dau     38 single                              Paddington
Edith Florence Gordon  dau     28 single                              Forest Hill, s. london
Frederick     Pearson  boarder 38 single  Barrister at Law            Wakefield, Yorks 
Henry      Baillaiard  boarder 25 single  Insurance Co. Clerk         Germany (visitor )
Alice            Fees  boarder 27 single                              Germany (visitor )
Clara          Allday  servant 18 single   General Servant            Kentish John NW               

1912;   Marriage solemnizes at the Parish Church of St.John Hampstead in the County of London

1939 Pre War Register
31 Downside Cresent, Hampstead, London

Fredk. Wm.  Pearson, married, born 28th March  1873, Barrister
Edith  F.   Pearson, married, born  7th august 1881, unpaid domestic duties
Lionel F    Pearson, single,  born 13th June   1917, Articled Clerk to C. Acc
Edith  M Buckingham, single,  born 2nd Jan     1914, Domestic Servant
Johangir  R    Mody, married, born 22nd June   1916, Articled Clerk to C Acc
Hergi  C   Johangir, married, born 10 November 1915, Private Means

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