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Wiliam Pearson born 21st March 1846 , source Family Bible
GRO births marqt1846 Wakefield 22, 7634

1871 cencus 
source                  RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 10; Page: 14;
place                   Stanley cum Wrenthrope, Wakefield
Dwelling                Shedule 71, Farm House Potovens, (Snow Hill) 
Timothy (1st)  Pearson   head  m   60       Farmer        Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann  Pearson   wife  m   59                     Outwood
Hannah         Pearson   dau   u   32                     Wrenthorpe
William        Pearson   son   u   25                     Wrenthorpe
Harriett       Pearson   dau   u   18                     Wrenthorpe
Agnes          Pearson   dau   u   16                     Wrenthorpe
Jane           Pearson   dau   u   12       Scholar       Wrenthorpe

Marriage 23rd December 1871, at St Mary Magdalene Outwoood


By 1881 William has married Mary ann Briggs and is head at potovens

1881 cencus 
Source           RG11; Piece: 4575; Folio: 42; Page: 4
Place            Snow Hil, Stanley cum Wrenthorpe.
Dwelling         Schedule 14, Pot Ovens

William         Pearson    head  m   35    Market Gardener   Wrenthorpe
Mary ann        Pearson    wife  m   33                      Wrenthorpe
Frederick  Wm.  Pearson    son   u    8    Scholar           Wrenthorpe
George ernest   Pearson    son   u    7    Scholar           Wrenthorpe
Roland W.       Pearson    son   u    4    Scholar           Wrenthorpe  
William osborne Pearson    son   u    2                      Wrenthorpe **
Mary ann        Pearson    dau   u    1m                     Wrenthorpe  

Henry briggs Pearson ** GRO has osbUrne

1901 census
place                Bournemouth ,   Winchester district  

William        Pearson   head  m    55    Retired farmer   Wakefield
mary           Pearson   wife  m    53                     Wakefield
Hy             Pearson    son  u    17    student          Wakefield
Bertram        Pearson         u     7                     Wakefield
other children not found


William Pearson of Fawley, Bradford Road, Wrenthrope, Wakefield
Gentleman died 23rd May 1909
Administration Wakefield 24th june to
Frederick william Pearson tutor and
George Ernest Pearson analytical Chemist.
Effects 9590 2s 10d

1911 census 
Source              RG14; Piece: 27370
Place3              Horbury
Dwelling            Glyn Garth, Benton Hill               

Marianne          Pearson  head    30    household duties              Wrenthrope
Henry Briggs      Pearson  brother 27     Clerk  Wollen Mrfs           Wrenthrope
Evelyn Annie      Pearson  sister  24     Assistant teacher            Wrenthrope
Archibald Ramsden Pearson  brother 22     Assistant Analyst            Wrenthrope
Bertam Lamb       Pearson  brother 17     school                       Wrenthrope
Florence          Noble    serv    19 

1911 census Ecclesall Bierlow
William Osbourn Pearson 32

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