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                    REGISTRATION,       17th September 1918
   Height Short, Build Stout, Eyes Blue, Hair Brown.

   George arthur Baines
   Permanent Address; 229 N. Morris, Atlantic City, Atlantic County,  N.J.
   Age 43  Date of Birth April 24th 1875

   Occupation; Ice Business, Emplyer Self.
   Place of Business; 229 N. Morris, Atlantic City, Atlantic County,  N.J.

   Nearest Relative; Alice Servoss (sister)
   Address 623 Artic, Atlantic City, Atlantic County N.J.
George arthur Baines

1900 census
place    Atlantic City Ward 4, Atlantic, New Jersey
dwelling         122 North Missouri Avenue

George Baines  m 25 Collector for Ice Co.     born may 1875
               house rented  emigrated 1885 married 1898 years in usa 15
Jennie Baines  m 30  Dress maker    born may 1870 New Jersey

1920 census
Place         Atlantic City, Ward 4, Atlantic County, New Jersey
dwelling      3111 Fairmount Avenue

George Baines  s   boarder      Ice Business  own acount 

1930 census 
place           Atlantic city, Ward 1, district 13 ed 1-9, Atlantic county, New Jersey
dwelling        618 Adriatic Avenue

George A Baines boarder  s  54, Proprietor  Ice Co.  Employer 
                born england emigrated 1876, Naturalized

1940 census  20th April
place           Atlantic City, Ward 2, block 14, Alantic County, New Jersey
dwelling           14 Mansion avenue

George Baines lodger s 63  Clerk   W.P.A. District office    born England
              weeks worked 1939 47 income 600  Education High School 4th year

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