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1871 census
Source                   RG10; Piece: 4560; Folio: 26; Page: 13
Place                    west Leeds district 9
Dwelling                 36 Carlton Cross st schedule 28

William   O  Baines  head m  30 Solictors Bill Clerk           Uppingham Rutland
Elizabeth A  Baines  wife m  26                                Wrenthrope
Alice        Baines  dau      8  Scholar                       Alverthorpe 
William   P  Baines  son      6  scholar                       Hilpeston
Roland    O  Baines  son      3                                Leeds

In the 1910 census records them as being in USA 22 years ie they emigrated circa 1878.

1880 census 3rd june 1880
Source            district 505 page 6
Place          Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Dwelling        Westminster 

Elizabeth A. Walter  head  m  36      Dress maker                England
Alice B.     Baines  dau      17                                 England 
William P.   Baines  son      15                                 England
George A.    Walter  son       5                                 England

Alice Baines aged 18 married 12 jan 1881 at 18th Street Methodist Episcopal Church
to Isaac(frank) W Servoss aged Philadephia

the 1890 census was destroyed by fire

1891 Philadephia dirctory, 3918 Reno, Frank William Servoss Cigar maker
1900 Census USA
source           district 6 ed 2 
place         Atlantic City ward 1, New Jersy
ed 316 French  Street

Frank     Servoss head   born dec1861 age 38 Pensylvania  Cigar Maker
Alice     Servoss wife   born sep1863 age 36 England  arrived usa 1879 resident 22 yrs
Frances   Servoss son    born jan1882 age 18 Fisherman
William H Servoss son  born nov1886   age 13 school
Lillie    Servoss dau  born sep1891   age  8 school

1905 census
place                Atlantic City 2nd Precinct, Atlantic County, New Jersey
dwelling             14 Rean, North Connecticutt Avenue

Frank   Servoss  45  Painter
alice   Servoss  42
William Servoss  18
Lizzie  Servoss  13  school

1910 census  15 april 
source       ED 1193
place      Philadelphia ward 47, Pennsylvania

Frank W Servoss 56  married 29 yrs    Cigar Maker             
Alice   Servoss 46       

1915 census
place          Atlantic City, ward 1, 6th precinct, Atlantic County, New Jersey
dwelling         625 Atlantic Avenue

Alice     Servoss  head  m  52    house keeper        b. sep1862 England
Elizabeth Servoss  dau   D   24   Hair dressr         b. sep1890 Penn.

1920 USA Census
place                Atlantic City 1st Ward, 202 sheet 4B  ed 8
dwelling 425 Atlantic Ave.

Alice B     Servoss  head   W  57  arrived USA 1877 parents born Yorkshire
Elizabeth A Servoss  dau    s  28  Hair Dresser    born Pennsylvania

1930 census
1940 census 
place                 Ventnor City ward 2, Atlantic County, New Jersey
dwelling             No 1 South Lafayette Avenue

Domanico  Margadonna  head w m 51  Musician  state music Prefect?     Italy
Elizabeth Margadonna  wife w m 48                                    Pennsylvania
Alice     Servoss     MIL  w   77                                    England

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