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William osbourne Baines remarried decqt1889 Chelsea to Mary ann Sumby,
but the 1881 census shows they had already been iving together for 4 yrs

1881 census
Source                    RG11; Piece: 110; Folio: 93; Page: 16/17
Place                     Westminster, London
Dwelling                  56 Horseferry road, shedule 101 

William  O.  Baines  head  m  40  Law Writer                Uppingham   Rutland
Mary Ann     Baines  wife  m  25                            Hickling    Norfolk
Florence L.  Baines  dau       3                            Yarmouth    Norfolk
Rose         Baines  dau       1                            Westminster London

1891 census
Source                   RG12; Piece: 65; Folio: 103; Page: 96
Place                    Chelsea, London
Dwelling                 schedule 689 , 16 Stadium Street  

William  O Baines  head m 49  Clerk                           Uppingham
Mary A     Baines  wife m 34                                  Hickling
Florena L  Baines  dau    13                                  Gt Yarmouth
Thomas O   Baines  son     8                                  Westminster
Edward A S Baines  son     4                                  Chelsea
William E  Baines  son     1                                  Chelsea

1901 census
Source                      RG13; Piece: 75; Folio: 122; Page: 48.
Place                      Chelsea london
Dwelling                   Guinness Trust Buildings block G no287&288

William O Baines  59  copying Clerk                         Uffingham
Mary A Baines  45 
William C Baines  11 
Kate Baines  8 
Otho T Stanton  15 
Mary A Allen  63 

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