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1891 census
Source                RG12; Piece: 3520; Folio 8; Page 9; shed 47     
Place                 Bilton with Harrogate district 13 central harrogate
Dwelling              2 Clare ville Terrace  

Hannah      Pearson  head  u 53 Lodging house keeper                  Wrenthrope
Elizabeth A Pearson mother w 79 Living on her own means               Wrenthrope

Elizabeth possible death Knarsborough(Harrogate)  decqt1896 

1901 census 
source               RG13; Piece: 4052; Folio: 126; Page: 46  shed 250
Place                Harrogate district 11,  west,St Peter
Dwelling             2 Oak Terrace   

Hannah Pearson    head  S  62  Lodging House Keeper                 Wakefield
Alice Delaney  boarder  s  31  
Ann S Robinson boarder  s  32  

Letter Adressed:    Mr.William Baines
                    c/o Mr. Frank Servoss
                    4219 Parris Street
                    West Philadelphia 
                    America U.S.                                
                                                             St. Oswald 
                                                             Oct. 26th 1896
  My Dear Will and Lillie
              I was very pleased to recieve your kind letters, I am also 
 pleased to know that you are married, I trust you will both be happy  which 
 I know you will if you both pull the right way, whatever you do try and keep 
 your position for you know the old saying a tumbling stone gathers no 
 moss, I should think Lansdown will suit Lillian.

                   I hope Frank has gotton into something before this for 
 I don't see however they keep a home at all. And that foolish boy George 
 what is he going to do this winter. I do wish you would give him some 
 good advice you know you are older than him. 

                   Some times i feel as if I should have to get ready and  
 come back their seems so little to stay for now, we do miss our dear mother 
 so much. I spoke to her about you a few hours before she died I told her 
 you were married for she has often ask about you.

               Now I hope you will both write me sometimes.

               Hoping you are all well I will now close, with fondest
Love from

                                                  2 Oak Terrace 
                                                  Sunday Feb 28/ 97

 Dear Will and Liliie
                  I hope you won't think hard of me for not writing sooner, 
 I seem to have so many letters to write and not being an expert at 
 writing it seem quite a trouble to me, but I do assure you I do a great 
 deal of thinking.

                    Well im glad to know that you have a good position  
 which I trust you wil keep untill you make a start for yourself, and 
 I suppose Lillie is ever so busy in her little home attending to all 
 her household duties and the baby what about it if it is least 
 it must not be the last as soon as you have its photo taken I hope you 
 will send me one, I want to see it ever so much, I am glad it is a girl. 
 Your Aunt Hannah and myself are alone today we have jusy been sitting by the
 firelight  talking she send her love and wishes you every happyness I may 
 tell you she looks an old woman she frets so about mother I don't think 
 anyone in the family misses her like she does, we were both going to her
 grave to day but the weather has prevented it is quite a good way from 
 here. Harrogate is a very pretty place but very cold although last week 
 we had loverly weather I can tell you the snowdrops and crocous'es and 
 cowslips they looked very pretty. Well I suppose this will be a great 
 week to all Americans I do hope their will soon  be a change in business and
 everything. I shall be very glad to have a line from Lillie and youself
 telling me all the news, I am going to the Glen tomorrow to stay a week 
 and then I shall return here for awhile.

                       I must now close now hoping this will find you all 
                       I remain your ever loving

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