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Mark Wilsons Eldest sister married the widower Ernest Battye following the death of Ernest's first wife.
and im indebted to their gt grandaughter Barbara for much of this tree

and her memories of visits to the Wilson family
Annie        Ernest        Adah        Samuel      Emily     Thomas     Clara
             m1.junqt1880 .....................  m2.SepQt1892 
             |  Dewsbury                         |          
             Agnes                               Sarah
             Harrison                            Wilson     
             b.sepqt1858 Bradford                b.1852/3
             d.MarQt1891                         d.
Emily        Mary        John                       Samuel      Annie        Ernest
|            |           william                    |           |            |       
b.decqt1880  b.1882/3    b.1885                     b.1886/7    b.1889/90    b.marqt1892
d.           d.          d.                         d.1917      d.           d.marQt1892
|            |           |                          WWI         |            ***********
m.marqt1914  m.          m1.marqt1903 m2.18jun1913              m.sepqt1916            
southampton              |            |                         |                
Henry                    Cyru         Ida hanna                 George A.
Hann                     Hirst        Hirst                     Cawthray           
b.                       b.           b.1887
d.                       d.           d.
            Agnes        Rita          Elma         Barbara     
            b.decqt1915  b.sepqt1918   b.sepqt1919  b.

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Initials: S
Nationality: United Kingdom
Rank: Airman 3rd Class
Regiment/Service: Royal Flying Corps
Age: 32
Date of Death: 08/03/1918
Service No: 135306
Additional information:
Son of Ernest and Agnes Battye, of Bradford Rd., Birkenshaw.
Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead
Grave/Memorial Reference: In South-East part.

sheet 2

1861 census
source                 RG9; Piece: 3403; Folio: 87; Page: 19;
place                  Gommersal district 13
dwelling               Union Place shed 97 

William   Batty  head   M  36 Shoe maker                        Birkenshaw  
Elizabeth Batty  wife   M  36                                   Birkenshaw
Annie     Batty  dau        8   School girl                     Birkenshaw
Ernest    Batty  son        4   School boy                      Birkenshaw
Adah      Batty  dau        2                                   Birkenshaw
Samuel    Batty  son       5mn                                  Birkenshaw
Hannah    Batty  sister    33   Worsted Weaver                  Birkenshaw
Joseph    Batty  brother M 38   Coal miner                      Birkenshaw
Jane      Batty  SIL     M 36   Dress Maker                     Hambuergh  Germany

1871 census 
source                RG10; Piece: 4589; Folio: 42; Page: 7
place                 Gomersal district 13     Yorkshire
Dwelling              Union Place shed 33 

William   Batty  head M  46 Shoe maker and News agent            Birkenshaw 
Elizabeth Batty  wife M  40                                      Birkenshaw 
Annie     Batty  dau     18  Worsted Weaver                      Birkenshaw  
Ernest    Batty  son     14  Factory boy                         Birkenshaw 
Samuel    Batty  son     10  Scholar                             Birkenshaw 
Emily     Batty  dau      6  Scholar                             Birkenshaw 
Thomas    Batty  son      4                                      Birkenshaw 
Clara     Batty  dau      7mn                                    Birkenshaw 

Ernest Married Agnes Harrison junqt1880 Dewsbury

1881 census 
Source:	              RG11  Piece 4552    Folio 43    Page 21
Place:	              Gomersal, district 14 ,   Yorkshire
Dwelling:             Union Place, shed 108

Ernest    BATTY  head   M   24  Book keeper(Com clk)            Birkenshaw, York
Agnes     BATTY  wife   M   20                                  Tong, York 
Emily     BATTY  dau         1 m                                Birkenshaw, York

Dwelling: Post Office, shed 106
Elizabeth Batty  head W 50  Post Mistress                       Leeds
Annie     Batty  dau  U 28  Domestic serv                       Birkenshaw
Thomas    Batty  son  U 14  Scholar                             Birkenshaw 
William   Batty  son  U  8  Scholar                             Birkenshaw 
Clara     Batty  dau    10  Scholar                             Birkenshaw 

sheet 3

1891 census
source           RG12; Piece: 3723; Folio 119; Page 11
place            Birkenshaw , Gommersal district 16,  Yorkshire
Dwelling         Bradford rd. shed 81 

Ernest       Battye  head M 34  shopman Greengrocer              Birkenshaw 
Agnes        Battye  wife M 33                                   Tong 
Emily        Battye  dau    10  Scholar                          Birkenshaw 
Mary ann     Battye  dau     8  Scholar                          Birkenshaw 
John  Wm.    Battye  son     6  Scholar                          Birkenshaw 
Samuel       Battye  son     5  Scholar                          Birkenshaw 
Annie        Battye  dau     1                                   Birkenshaw 

Emily        Battye  decqt 1880 Dewsbury 9b 624
Mary ann     Battye  sepqt 1882 Dewsbury 9b 610
John William Battye  sepqt 1884 Dewsbury 9b 605
Samuel       Battye  junqt 1886 Dewsbury 9b 619 
Annie        Battye  decqt 1890 Dewsbury 9b 611
Ernest       Battye  marqt 1892 Dewsbury 9b 580   died marqt1892 (age 1 week)

Agnes probably died in child birth marqt1892 GRO Marriage sepQt 1892 Bradford 9b 23 Mark Battye to Sarah Wilson (the elder sister of Mark Wilson)

1901 Census Birkenshaw
source                       RG13; Piece: 4260; Folio: 107; Page: 14.
place                        Birkenshaw    district 15 , Yorkshire 
Dwelling                     Bradford Rd. shed 106 

Ernest        Batty   head M 44     Green Grocer                  Birkinshaw
Sarah         Batty   wife M 48                                   Birkenshaw
Emily         Batty   dau    20     Worsted Weaver                Birkenshaw
Mary          Batty   dau    18     Worsted weaver                Birkenshaw
John  william Batty   son    16     Book Keeper in silk mill      Birkenshaw
Samuel        Batty   son    15     Worsted Spinner               Birkenshaw
Annie         Batty   dau    11                                   Birkenshaw

1901 census shows Ernest has remarried following the death of his first wife Agnes Harrison in childbirth.
GRO death records
Agnes Battye aged 33 MarQt 1891 , Dewsbury 9b 430
Ernest Battye aged .0 MarQt 1891 , Dewsbury 9b 430

Dewbury registration area covers Gomersal and Birkenshaw

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Origins of Agnes Harrison , Ernest's first wife

There was some question as to Agnes' proper surname
and that she might be the step dau of the John Harrison?
however 1861 census show she was a daughter from a previous marriage to Mary ann Bentley c.31jul1836 Bradford by John and Elizabeth m.sepqt1853 Dewsbury

From IGI possible parents and siblings of Agnes

1861 census
source                    RG9; Piece: 3308; Folio: 48; Page: 20
place                     Drighlington district 3
dwelling                  Wasp Nest shed 86  

John Harrison     head M 29        ?Labourer                  Forton  Lancashire
Mary Ann Harrison wife M 25                                   Drighlington Yorkshire
Betsy Harrison    dau     6 scholar                           Birstall 
William Harison   son     5 Scholar                           Drighlinngton 
Agnes ann Harrison  dau   2                                   Tong  
Samuel    Harrison  son   1                                   Tong

Mary ann died probably circa 1868 and John Harrison remarried to the widow
Amelia Bedford decqt1870 Dewsbury 9b 841

1861 census
source                RG9; Piece: 3309; Folio: 9; Page: 11
place                Drighlington Bradford district 6
dwelling              Wakefield turnpike rd shed 49 

James  Bedford  head M 25 coal miner                  Clifton
Amelia Bedford  wife M 21                             Gildersome
Josiah Bedford  son     1                             Drighlington
Aaron  Bedford  son     2mn                           Drighlington
Susannah Marshall boarder U 15 Wollen Weaver          Driglington

James Bedford married Amelia Marshall marqt1859 Dewsbury 9b 535
james died either sep1862 Dewsbury or more likely junqt1865 Dewsbury

1871 census
source                  RG10; Piece: 4435; Folio: 54; Page: 27
place                   Drighlington district 3
dwelling                Wasp Nest     

John    Harrison   head  M  38   coal miner                    Lancaster, Lancashire
Amelia  Harrison   wife  M  31                                 Gildersome  Yorkshire
Betty   Harrison    dau     16   Factory Hand                  Birstall    Yorkshire
William Harrison    son     15   Coal miner                    Driglington yorkshire
Agnes   Harrison    dau     13   Factory hand                  Tong        Yorkshire
Sam     Harrison    son     12   Pit Lad                       Tong 
Lydia   Harrison    dau      9   nurse                         Tong 
James   Harrison    son      7   Scholar                       Drighlington 
Dorothy M.A. Harrison        2                                 Drighlington
Josia   Bedford  stepson    12  pit lad                        Adwalton
Arron   Bedford  stepson    11                                 Adwalton
Charles Bedford  stepson     8                                 Adwalton
Sarah J Marshall  niece      1                                 Adwalton

1881 Census
Source:	           PRO Ref RG11    Piece 4552    Folio 44    Page 24
Place:	          Gomersal, York
Dwelling:	  Birkenshaw

                  Rel  Mar  Age   Occ                   Birthplace
John    HARRISON  Head  m   49 	  Farmer Of 23 Acres    Lancashire
Amelia  HARRISON  wife  m   40 	                        Adwalton, York
Sam     HARRISON  son   U   21    Labourer (Ag)         Tong Street, York
Lydia   HARRISON  dau   U   19    Dairy Maid (Dom)      Driglington, York
James   HARRISON  son   U   17    Labourer (Genl)       Driglington, York
Horatia HARRISON  dau       13    Scholar               Driglington, York

Aron     BEDFORD  Stepson    26   Coal miner             Adwalton, York
Charles  BEDFORD  Stepson    17   Coalminer              Adwalton, York
Marshall BEDFORD  Stepson    13   Coal Hurrier           Adwalton, York

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