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1871 cencus
source                           RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 10; Page: 14 
place                            Stanley cum  Wrenthrope district 9 
dwelling                         Schedule 71,  Farm House, Snow Hill

Timothy (1st)  Pearson  head M 60   Farmer of 28 acres emp 2men 1 boy  Alverthorpe                                             Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann  Pearson  wife M 59                             Outwood Wrenthrope 
Hannah         Pearson  dau  U 32                               Wrenthorpe
William        Pearson  son  U 25   farmers son                 Wrenthorpe
Harriett       Pearson  dau  U 18                               Wrenthorpe
Agnes          Pearson  dau  u 16                               Wrenthorpe
Jane           Pearson  dau    12      Scholar                  Wrenthorpe

Hannah has finally left home and working in Wooley a hamlet 5 miles south of Wakefield

1881 census
source                    RG11; Piece: 4599; Folio: 92; Page: 11;
Place                      Woolley, Barnsley 
Dwelling                   Schedule 39,      

Thomas Milnthorpe     s head    24   Farmer 186 Acres emp 2 men 1 boy    Altofts
Hannah  Pearson       s hkeeper 42    Housekeeper                        Wakefield
Joseph  Shaw          s boarder 68    Farm servant
Edward Hides          s boarder 17    Farm Servant 
Fred Milnthorpe       s visitor 14    

Following her father's death 1882 her mother come to live with Hannah

1891 census
Source                RG12; Piece: 3520; Folio 8; Page 9; shed 47     
Place                 Bilton with Harrogate district 13 central Harrogate
Dwelling              2 Clare ville Terrace  

Hannah      Pearson  head  u 53 Lodging house keeper                  Wrenthrope
Elizabeth A Pearson mother w 79 Living on her own means               Wrenthrope

Elizabeth died 14 October 1896, GRO Knarsborough deqt1896 aged 84
and Hannah's eldest sister Elizabeth ann Baines shortly before thier mothers death,
Elizabeth returned to USA dec1897.

1901 census 
source               RG13; Piece: 4052; Folio: 126; Page: 46  shed 250
Place                Harrogate district 11,  west,St Peter
Dwelling             2 Oak Terrace   

Hannah Pearson    head  S  62  Lodging House Keeper                   Wakefield
Alice Delaney  boarder  s  31  
Ann S Robinson boarder  s  32  

1911 census     
Source                     RG14; Piece: 25909  district 489   sub 2, ed 4 
place                      Harrogate
Dwelling                   30 Valley Mount,

Tom     Watson   head   36  m         Gardener                        Bulmer
Annie   Watson   wife   31  m                                         Cage bank Durham
Richard Watson   son    1                                             Harrogate
Hannah Pearson          73  spinster  Retired Lodging house Keeper    Wakefield
Ernest Langham  boarder 19  tailor                                    Sutton on Derwent

Probate 1919
PEARSON Hannah of 21 Franklin Road Harrogate, Spinster,
Died 8th February 1919. Administration London 25th March to
Phylis Barnett (wife of Simeon Barnett)
Effects 133 2s 1d

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