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1871 cencus
source                           RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 10; Page: 14 
place                            Stanley cum  Wrenthrope district 9 
dwelling                         Schedule 71,  Farm House, Snow Hill

Timothy (1st)  Pearson  head M 60   Farmer of 28 acres emp 2men 1 boy  Alverthorpe                                             Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann  Pearson  wife M 59                             Outwood Wrenthrope 
Hannah         Pearson  dau  U 32                               Wrenthorpe
William        Pearson  son  U 25   farmers son                 Wrenthorpe
Harriett       Pearson  dau  U 18                               Wrenthorpe
Agnes          Pearson  dau  u 16                               Wrenthorpe
Jane           Pearson  dau    12      Scholar                  Wrenthorpe

Hannah has finally left home and working in Wooley a hamlet 5 miles south of Wakefield

1881 census
source                    RG11; Piece: 4599; Folio: 92; Page: 11;
Place                      Woolley, Barnsley 
Dwelling                   Schedule 39,      

Thomas Milnthorpe     s head    24   Farmer 186 Acres emp 2 men 1 boy    Altofts
Hannah  Pearson       s hkeeper 42    Housekeeper                        Wakefield
Joseph  Shaw          s boarder 68    Farm servant
Edward Hides          s boarder 17    Farm Servant 
Fred Milnthorpe       s visitor 14    

Following her father's death 1882 her mother come to live with Hannah

1891 census
Source                RG12; Piece: 3520; Folio 8; Page 9; shed 47     
Place                 Bilton with Harrogate district 13 central harrogate
Dwelling              2 Clare ville Terrace  

Hannah      Pearson  head  u 53 Lodging house keeper                  Wrenthrope
Elizabeth A Pearson mother w 79 Living on her own means               Wrenthrope

Elizabeth died 14 October 1896, GRO Knarsborough deqt1896 aged 84

1901 census 
source               RG13; Piece: 4052; Folio: 126; Page: 46  shed 250
Place                Harrogate district 11,  west,St Peter
Dwelling             2 Oak Terrace   

Hannah Pearson    head  S  62  Lodging House Keeper                   Wakefield
Alice Delaney  boarder  s  31  
Ann S Robinson boarder  s  32  

1911 census     
Source                     RG14; Piece: 25909  district 489   sub 2, ed 4 
place                      Harrogate
Dwelling                   30 Valley Mount,

Tom     Watson   head   36  m         Gardener                        Bulmer
Annie   Watson   wife   31  m                                         Cage bank Durham
Richard Watson   son    1                                             Harrogate
Hannah Pearson          73  spinster  Retired Lodging house Keeper    Wakefield
Ernest Langham  boarder 19  tailor                                    Sutton on Derwent

Died marqt1919 Harrowgate aged 81
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