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b.? before May 1777 Lichfield Stafford to Richard Chatterton and Mary Marlor  LDS submission
m.17oct1799 parish church Glossop
c.23jun1782 parish church Glossop dau of Sussan and Joseph Wild                       
Ann            Peter         John           Sarah        Thomas       Joseph       Mary   
b.223jan1801   b.24nov1802   b.27sep1806    b.23nov1808  b.09jun1811  b.07apr1814  b.29dec1815
c.27jan1801    c.24dec1802   c.09nov1806    c.07dec1808  18jun1812    c.19apr1814  c.14jan1816
St Marys ind   St Marys Ind  Tivot dale     New Mills    New Mills    New Mills    New Mills
 Glossop       Glossop       Weslyan        Glossop      Glossop      Glossop      Glossop
                             Heaton Norris

            Chatterton    5th child of Martha Wild and Edward Chatterton
            c.18jun1812 New Mills Weslyan, Glossop, Derbyshire
            d.1887 East Melbourn Australia
            m1.~1835 .Eccles Lancs.....................m2.10apr1855 St Johns Church 
            |                                          |               Manchester
            Hannah                                     Mary
            Smedley                                    Dean 
            b.                                         b.~1818  
            d.sepqt1850                                d.marqt1891?
Mary        Edward      Sarah       Robert      Charles     David       James       Thomas alfred
|           |           ann         |           joseph      smedley     frederick   smedley 
b.~1834!!   b.06jan1835 b.23jun1836 b.14sep1838 b.          b.          b.09feb1847 b.sepqt1850
c.          c.15mar1835 c.10aug1836 c.07nov1838 c.26apr1840 c.06feb1842 c.09may1847 c.
d.          d.          d.          d.          d.1925 Aus  d.1929 aus  d.          d.sepqt1850

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Source               HO107; Piece 581; Book: 9;  Folio: 18; Page: 29;
Place                Failsworth, Manchester District 1
Dwelling             Dob Lane 

Thomas    Chatterton    25  Vituler
Hannah    Chatterton    25  
Mary      Chatterton     7  
Edward    Chatterton     6  
Sarah Ann Chatterton     4 
Robert    Chatterton     2  
Joseph    Chatterton     1  
Sarah Percival          15   FS

1851 census
Source             HO107; Piece: 2231; Folio: 200; Page: 4;
Place              Lancashire, Newton, district 2f All Saints
Dwelling           Church Street, en10   

Thomas         Chadderton Head W 39   Assistant overseer 
                                      Collector and Surveyor       Glosopdale Derbyshire
Mary           Chadderton dau  U 17   Housekeeper                  Fallowfield lancs
Edward         Chadderton son  U 16   assistant bookeeper          Failsworth, Lancs
Sarah Ann      Chadderton dau    14   power loom weaver            Failsworth, Lancs       
Robert         Chadderton son    12   Silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
Charles Joseph Chadderton son    11   silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
David Smedley  Chadderton son     7   silk factory                 Failsworth, Lancs
Elizabeth      Chadderton dau     5   scholar                      Failsworth, Lancs
James Frederick Chadderton son    4   scholar                      Failsworth, Lancs

1861 census
source               RG9; Piece: 3135; Folio: 5; Page: 3
Place                Preston district 39
Dwelling             28 Fylde Road 

Edward Chatterton  visitor U 26  Pawnbroker assistant             Failsworth

Ann Pearson born 13aug1835 (family Bible) c.05feb1836 Wakefield

Married 3rd dec 1865 Leeds
Edward Chatterton of Manchester son of Thomas
c.15mar1835 Cathederal, Manchester son of Thomas And Hannah
info3a sheet 3
It appears their eldest child Edward was born before the marriage
Edward Pearson born junqt1865 Salford, Manchester.

Leeds times 9th December
Chatterton of New Leeds, to Ann, second daughter of Mr Timothy Pearson farmer, Wrenthrope, near wakefield.

Leeds Mercury West Yorkshire,   8th December 1865
Births, Deaths, Marriages and Obituaries
Parish church, Leeds, by the Rev. T. E. Usherwood,
Mr. Edward Chatterton, of New Leeds, to Anm, second daughter of
Mr. Timothy Pearson, farmer, of Wrenthorpe, near Wakefield.

1871 census 
Source             RG10; Piece: 4064; Folio: 11; Page: 15
Place              Crumpsall district 13
Dwelling           87 Waterloo Street 

Edward   Chatterton head M  36   Grocer                     Manchester , lancs
Annie    Chatterton wife M  35   Grocers wife               Wakefield , Yorks
Edward   Chatterton  son u   6   Scholar                    Manchester, lancs
Ada B    Chatterton  dau     4   Scholar                    Rotherham, Yorks 
Thomas H Chatterton  son     3                              Liverpool, Lancs
Annie    Chatterton  dau     1                              Manchester, Lancs

1881 Census
Source:             RG11    Piece 4025  Folio 81    Page 13
Place:              Crumpsall, Lancashire, England
Dwelling:           87 Waterloo St,  Grocers Shop

Edward   CHATTERTON     head   M   46    Shop keeper         Failsworth, Lancashire
Ann      CHATTERTON     wife   M   45    Shop keeper         Wakefield, York
Ed P.    CHATTERTON	son    U   16 	 Postman             Salford, Lancashire
Ada B.   CHATTERTON	dau    U   15 	 Warehouse girl(F S) Rotheram, York
Thos H.  CHATTERTON	son    U   13 	 Errand boy          Liverpool Everton
Annie    CHATTERTON     dau    U   11    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Phylis   CHATTERTON     dau    U    9    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Frederick CHATTERTON    son    U    8    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Marion   CHATTERTON	dau    U    7    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire
Francis  CHATTERTON     son    U    5    No Occ              Crumpsall, Lancashire

Ada L.   SMITH        Visiter  U   14    No Occ              Manchester, Lancashire

info3a sheet 4

1891 census
Source              RG12; Piece: 3262; Folio 19; Page 36
Place               Cheetam district 4, Manchester, Lancs
Dwelling            18 Hodgson street, shed 234 
Anne    Chatterton   head M  54                               Wakefield
Ada     Chatterton   dau  s  24  Mantle Maker dress           Rotherham
Annie   Chatterton   dau  s  21  Machinist                    Crumpsall
Phillis Chatterton   dau  s  20  Milliner  Dress              Crumpsall              
Fred.   Chatterton   son  s  18  H U up Maker                 Crumpsall
Marion  Chatterton   dau  s  16  Trim lacing Maker            Crumpsall
Frank   Chatterton   son  s  14  H Apprentice                 Crumpsall

1891 census
Source              RG12; Piece: 3281; Folio 134; Page 1
Place               Audenshaw district 7, Ashton under Lyne, lancs
Dwelling            96 Ashton Mill Lane, shed 4 

Edward  Chatterton Lodger s  50   Engine Fitter              Failsworth Lancs

1901 census 
source                 RG13; Piece: 3769; Folio: 34; Page: 21
place                  North Manchester
Dwelling               schedule 105, 6 Victoria Terrace  

Annie    Chatterton head m  65                                          Wrenthrope
Marion   Chatterton dau  s  26 Ladies Dress Costumier                   Crumpsall
Frank    Chatterton son  s  24 Elecshicay apprentist                    Crumpsall
Irving   Bell     boarder   24 postal Telegraphist
James    Nichol   boarder   25 postal Telegraphist
George   Lowe     lodger m  49 retired goverment store keeper

1901 census

Thomas Chatterton   33  chemist specialist        born Liverpool living blackpool  

info3a sheet 5

1911 census
source                   RG14; Piece: 24196
place                    Cheetham, North Manchester
dwelling                 7 Dorothy Street 

Anne   Chatterton  head  W 75 m 46yrs children 10, 7 living. house keeper   Wrenthrope Yks
Frank  Chatterton  son   s 32  Grocers Shop Assistant                 Crumpsall Manchester

Marion Chatterton married sepqt1901 Wiliam Povey

1911 census
sourece                     RG14; Piece: 24212. dist 4676 sub2 ed 8
place                      Heaton Park P  
Dwelling                   5 Randelsham Street 

William         Povey  head  38 m 10yrs      joiner                Manchester
Marion          Povey  wife  36  children 3                        Manchester
Florence May    Povey  9                                           Manchester
Norman          Povey  5                                           Manchester
Leonard William Povey  6 months                                    Manchester

GRO deaths
Annie Chatterton junqt1924 aged 88 Prestwich (cheetham) 8d 350
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