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1871 census
Source        rg10 piece 4738  folio 7  page 10
Place         Brayton district 7 near Selby
Dwelling      schedule 34  Barlow ( a hamlet 1 mile SE of Brayton )   

John          Pearson head M 37   Police Constable                        Wrenthrope
Sarah ann     Pearson wife M 36                                           Morley
Emily ann     Pearson dau    14   Scholar                                 Wrenthrope
Lucy helena   Pearson dau    10   Scholar                                 Rastrick
Edith jane    Pearson dau     7   Scholar                                 Stainland 
Ann elizabeth Pearson dau     3                                           Barlow    

1881 Census
Source:               RG11    Piece 4474  Folio 10    Page 13
Place:                Shipley, York, England
Dwelling:             47 Croft St 

John     Pearson       head   m    47   Police Constable     Wrenthrope
Sarah A. Pearson       wife   m    46                        Morley, york
Edith J. Pearson       dau         17   Dress maker          Stainland, york 
Ann E.   Pearson       dau         13   Pupil Teacher        Barlow, York 

Ann Elizabeth Pearson aged 22 married 13th january 1890 Pudsey
to Alfred Oxley aged 27
Ann's sister Edith Jane Pearson was a witness
Ann elizabeth marriage

1891 census
source       RG12; Piece: 3657; Folio: 68; Page: 9
place        Pudsey
dwelling     Schedule 56, Fulneck

Alfred Oxley head m  28   Draper                Pudsey
Ann E. Oxley wife m  23                         Barton
Ellen  Mann  serv s  65   Housekeeper           Pudsey

1901 census
source         RG13; Piece: 4187; Folio: 115; Page: 22
place          North Beirley
Dwelling        schedule 167, 16 Fulneck          

Alfred Oxley  head  m  38      Draper manager            Pudsey
Annie  Oxley  wife  m  32                                Barlow

Ann Ewlizabeth Oxley died marqt1905 North Bierley,yorks aged 37
Alfred Oxley died decqt1934 North Bierley yorks aged 71
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