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In the 1851 census John was aged 17, and still at home with parents at Snow Hill (Potovens)

Original tree had
John Lamb Pearson marrying
Sarah Jackson with a daughter Lucy elenor who married Mr. Cranetch.


1861 census
source             RG9, Piece 3274, Folio 47    Page 8
Place              Ratrick, Hallifax West Riding
Dwelling           Crowtrees, schedule 14

John        Pearson head M  27  Police Constable                          Wrenthrope
Sarah ann   Pearson wife M  26                                            Morley
Emily ann   Pearson dau      4                                            Wrenthrope
Lucy Ellena Pearson dau      2mn                                          Rastrick
Lucy registered as Lucy Ellinor Pearson
Wakefield Free Press,   27th July 1867, page 4
Violent Assult by a Policeman on his Father,
John Pearson, a police constable at Selby, in the west Riding, was charged with having on Monday, the 15th he assulted his father, Timothy Pearson, at Stanley cum Wrenthorpe.
Mr. Barratt appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Wainwright for the defendant.
There were two summonses, one charging the defendant with the assault, and the other praying that he might be bound over to keep the peace.

Complainant who was a farmer at Potovens, said that on Friday 14th mat he came home as he could not get admittance to his own house, he went and slept at the house of his sister, in the neighborhood,
Next morning about he came back to to his own house, and the defendant, who was on a visit there was sitting in the kitchen, in consequence of something that had transpired previously, he the complainant ask the son to leave the house , and to do so quietly. This the defendant refused to do, and used abusive and foul language to the old man. He also knock him down, and struck him when down. He was knocked into the fire place, and very much cut about the ear, blood flowing from sides of the head. He endevoured to get up, when the defendant and another son, named William, pulled him by the legs upstairs, and tried to put him to bed. He raised cries of murder and ultimately succeeded in getting away, when he went to the house of his sister, where a medical gentleman, Mr seeker, was sent for, who attended him, and dressed the bruises.
Complainant appeared to have received severe treatment his head exibiting the marks of severe contusions and blows.
A man names John Thomas residing in the neighbourhood, said that on the Monday he heard cries of Murder, and on going to see where the cries came from he saw the Complainant at a window, and crying out Murder, Witness was then about sixty yards off, and heard complainant say, if there is any Englishman out there, save me, they are going to murder me. There were a number of peaple standing there, but none of them would go near. Witness then went near, and heard the old man groaning. A son came to the door, but witness could not sat that it was the defendant. Witness asked what was the matter, and the son replied there was nothing - the old man was only drunk.
A Man named Ratuaden said he saw the two sons of complainant dragging the old man away from the window at the time the shouts of Murder were heard.
Defendant was one of those he saw at the window.
Mr. Wainwright here said his defence was that Complainant brought the whole affair apon himself, and that he had come home and threatened to assult his wife, and that it was to prevent this that the sons interfered.
Mrs Pearson was then called. When Mr Barratt objected to her evidence being received
Mr. Lansen having read the section of the Act bearing upon the point, the objection was disallowed .
Mrs Pearson said that on Sunday evening complainant came home and used most threatening language. She went into her son's bedroom for protection, he complained then said that if the door was not opened he would break it open which he did . The son then went forward to him , and the two then went into another room. Complainant fell on a fender in that room, and cut his head. He then went outside and threw some dross at the window breaking some squares of glass. He went away to his sisters, and came back next morning, and went down to the cellar for some bread and meat. He had a knife and fork in his hands which were taken from him , as he was using threats, The sons took him upstairs and put him to bed , and he then rose and cried Murder. He wanted to get some beer, but the son would would not allow him to go out.
James Winter said he was a visitor at the complainant's house and on the the Sunday night he awoke in consequence of hearing a noise, and saw the old man and John Struggling. On Monday morning he heard the complainant threaten to put a knife through defendant, on which the latter took the knife from him and a struggled ensued, in the course of which complainant fell on the floor
Mr Barratt; cross examined witness;
Were you an a visit at Mrs Pearson's house? - I Was
Did you come with John ? - I did
Are you in the county police? - No but i have been Where you dismissed from the force? - No I honourably left You are sure about that? - Yes Where did you leave? --

sheet 2

1871 census
Source        rg10 piece 4738  folio 7  page 10
Place         Brayton district 7 near Selby
Dwelling      schedule 34  Barlow ( a hamlet 1 mile SE of Brayton )   

John          Pearson head M 37   Police Constable                        Wrenthrope
Sarah ann     Pearson wife M 36                                           Morley
Emily ann     Pearson dau    14   Scholar                                 Wrenthrope
Lucy helena   Pearson dau    10   Scholar                                 Rastrick
Edith jane    Pearson dau     7   Scholar                                 Stainland
Ann elizabeth Pearson dau     3                                           Barlow

possible marriage Emily ann Pearson junqt1880 to either john henry stones or cornelius pearse

1881 Census
Source:               RG11    Piece 4474  Folio 10    Page 13
Place:                Shipley, York, England
Dwelling:             47 Croft St 

John     Pearson       head   m    47   Police Constable     Wrenthrope
Sarah A. Pearson       wife   m    46                        Morley, york
Edith J. Pearson       dau         17   Dress maker          Stainland, york
Ann E.   Pearson       dau         13   Pupil Teacher        Barlow, York

1881 census
Source:	             Ref RG11    Piece 4397  Folio 74    Page 22
Dwelling:	     Ireland Farm
Census Place:	     Southowram, York, England 

John GRAYSON         Head  M   73  Farmer 10 acres emp 2 men   Southowram, York
Betty GRAYSON        wife  M   76 	                       Ovenden,    York

Lucy Hannah PEARSON  niece U   19   General Servent            Southowram, York
Annie PEARSON        niece     10   Factory Hand Silk Picker   Southowram, York
Note Southowram and Rastrick are 2 mile apart and both near to Halifax
Lucy Helena Pearson married James Cranitch, Mar Qt 1884 Bradford 9b 161

1891 census 
Source                  RG12; Piece: 3658; Folio: 22; Page: 4;
place                   Pudsey, Yorks
Dwelling                5 Park Field, Schedule 30         

John Pearson      head M 57    Police counstable                    Wrenthrope, Yorks
Sarah ann Pearson wife M 56                                        Morley

sheet 2
Edith jane Pearson marriage marqt1890 Bradford Harold thornton Ellis.

1891 census
source          RG12; Piece: 3914; Folio: 72; Page: 1;     
Place            Cottingham Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull     
Dwelling           12 Queens Rd, schedule 2 

Harold T   Ellis  head  32  boot repairer                  Fulneck    
Edith Jane Ellis  wife  27                                 Rastrict

1901 census
source       RG13; Piece: 4427; Folio: 95; Page: 12.   
Place         Wistow, Selby, Yorkshire          

John      Pearson head  m 67    Police officer pensioner           Wrenthrope
Sarah ann Pearson wife  m 66                                       Morley
Authur P  Ellis   Gson     9                                       Hull

1901 census
Source           RG13; Piece: 4482; Folio: 92; Page: 3.
Place            Drypool, Sculcoates Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling        schedule 16, 319 Hedon Road 

Harold T Ellis head 42 Boot repairer                Fulneck
Edith J Ellis  wife 37                              Rastrick

1911 census
source             RG14; Piece: 28709 , district 521 ed 22
place              East Sculcoates
Dwelling           Heathcote Wellesley Avenue 

Harold Thomas  Ellis  head m 52 Master Boot maker repairer           Fulneck
Edith Jane     Ellis  wife   47 m 21 yrs 1 child                     Stainland
Arthur Pearson Ellis  son  s 19 Civil engineering Student            Hull

1911 census

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