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In the 1851 census John was aged 17, and still at home with parents at Snow Hill (Potovens)

Original tree had
John Lamb Pearson marrying
Sarah Jackson with a daughter Lucy elenor who married Mr. Cranetch.

1861 census
source             RG9, Piece 3274, Folio 47    Page 8
Place              Ratrick, Hallifax West Riding
Dwelling           Crowtrees, schedule 14

John        Pearson head M  27  Police Constable                          Wrenthrope
Sarah ann   Pearson wife M  26                                            Morley
Emily ann   Pearson dau      4                                            Wrenthrope
Lucy Ellena Pearson dau      2mn                                          Rastrick

Lucy registered as lucy ellinor
sheet 2

1871 census
Source        rg10 piece 4738  folio 7  page 10
Place         Brayton district 7 near Selby
Dwelling      schedule 34  Barlow ( a hamlet 1 mile SE of Brayton )   

John          Pearson head M 37   Police Constable                        Wrenthrope
Sarah ann     Pearson wife M 36                                           Morley
Emily ann     Pearson dau    14   Scholar                                 Wrenthrope
Lucy helena   Pearson dau    10   Scholar                                 Rastrick
Edith jane    Pearson dau     7   Scholar                                 Stainland
Ann elizabeth Pearson dau     3                                           Barlow

possible marriage Emily ann Pearson junqt1880 to either john henry stones or cornelius pearse

1881 Census
Source:               RG11    Piece 4474  Folio 10    Page 13
Place:                Shipley, York, England
Dwelling:             47 Croft St 

John     Pearson       head   m    47   Police Constable     Wrenthrope
Sarah A. Pearson       wife   m    46                        Morley, york
Edith J. Pearson       dau         17   Dress maker          Stainland, york
Ann E.   Pearson       dau         13   Pupil Teacher        Barlow, York

1881 census
Source:	             Ref RG11    Piece 4397  Folio 74    Page 22
Dwelling:	     Ireland Farm
Census Place:	     Southowram, York, England 

John GRAYSON         Head  M   73  Farmer 10 acres emp 2 men   Southowram, York
Betty GRAYSON        wife  M   76 	                       Ovenden,    York

Lucy Hannah PEARSON  niece U   19   General Servent            Southowram, York
Annie PEARSON        niece     10   Factory Hand Silk Picker   Southowram, York
Note Southowram and Rastrick are 2 mile apart and both near to Halifax
Lucy Helena Pearson married James Cranitch, Mar Qt 1884 Bradford 9b 161

1891 census 
Source                  RG12; Piece: 3658; Folio: 22; Page: 4;
place                   Pudsey, Yorks
Dwelling                5 Park Field, Schedule 30         

John Pearson      head M 57    Police counstable                    Wrenthrope, Yorks
Sarah ann Pearson wife M 56                                        Morley

sheet 2
Edith jane Pearson marriage marqt1890 Bradford Harold thornton Ellis.

1891 census
source          RG12; Piece: 3914; Folio: 72; Page: 1;     
Place            Cottingham Sculcoates, Kingston upon Hull     
Dwelling           12 Queens Rd, schedule 2 

Harold T   Ellis  head  32  boot repairer                  Fulneck    
Edith Jane Ellis  wife  27                                 Rastrict

1901 census
source       RG13; Piece: 4427; Folio: 95; Page: 12.   
Place         Wistow, Selby, Yorkshire          

John      Pearson head  m 67    Police officer pensioner           Wrenthrope
Sarah ann Pearson wife  m 66                                       Morley
Authur P  Ellis   Gson     9                                       Hull

1901 census
Source           RG13; Piece: 4482; Folio: 92; Page: 3.
Place            Drypool, Sculcoates Kingston upon Hull
Dwelling        schedule 16, 319 Hedon Road 

Harold T Ellis head 42 Boot repairer                Fulneck
Edith J Ellis  wife 37                              Rastrick

1911 census
source             RG14; Piece: 28709 , district 521 ed 22
place              East Sculcoates
Dwelling           Heathcote Wellesley Avenue 

Harold Thomas  Ellis  head m 52 Master Boot maker repairer           Fulneck
Edith Jane     Ellis  wife   47 m 21 yrs 1 child                     Stainland
Arthur Pearson Ellis  son  s 19 Civil engineering Student            Hull

1911 census

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