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1841 census    Stanley cum Wrenthrope
               HO107  1278/9
Place:         Snow Hill, 
               enumeration district 8, schedule 28, page 4:
Timothy (1st)  Pearson   30, Gardener
Elizabeth      Pearson   25  (29 rounded down to 25)
Mary           Pearson    9
John           Pearson    7
Ann            Pearson    5
Hannah         Pearson    3
Timothy (2nd)  Pearson    1

1851 cencus 
Source                     HO107; Piece: 2326; Folio: 570; Page: 3;
place                      Stanley cum Wrenthorpe district 1k, Yorkshire
dwelling                   Snow hill shed 11

Timothy (1st)  Pearson  head M  40  Farmer 30 acres emp 1 man     Wakefield yorks
Elizabeth      Pearson  wife M  39                                Wakefield yorks
Mary not at home
John           Pearson  son  u  17  Employed on the farm          Wakefield
Ann            Pearson  dau  u  15  Employed at home              Wakefield
Hannah         Pearson  dau  u  13  Employed at home              Wakefield
Timothy (2nd)  Pearson  son     11  Scholar                       Wakefield
Elizabeth      Pearson  dau      6  Scholar                       Wakefield
William        Pearson  son      5  Scholar                       Wakefield
Ellen          Pearson  dau      2                                Wakefield
George         Pearson  son      4mn                              Wakefield

Mary Pearson aged 18 working as serv in Wakefield
in 1852 she married Jesse Ramsden

1853 Whites Directory Wrenthrope
Timothy Pearson Potovens (another name for Snow hill)

1861 census
parts of Wrenthrope/Potovens district 9 missing

1871 cencus
source                           RG10; Piece: 4621; Folio: 10; Page: 14 
place                            Stanley cum  Wrenthrope district 9 
dwelling                         Farm House, Snow Hill,shed 71 

Timothy (1st)  Pearson  head M 60   Farmer of 28 acres emp 2men 1 boy  Alverthorpe                                             Alverthorpe
Elizabeth Ann  Pearson  wife M 59                             Outwood Wrenthrope in 51 and 81
Hannah         Pearson  dau  U 32                               Wrenthorpe
William        Pearson  son  U 25   farmers son                 Wrenthorpe
Harriett       Pearson  dau  U 18                               Wrenthorpe
Agnes          Pearson  dau  u 16                               Wrenthorpe
Jane           Pearson  dau    12      Scholar                  Wrenthorpe

Family bible tree written 1911 and GRO
have Phillis not Agnes and bible has Jane Lillian

Although listed as Gardiner, Timothy is probably retired as his son William
and family are now farmers at Snow Hill

1881 census 
source                    RG11; Piece: 4581; Folio: 4; Page: 2;
Place                     Alverthorpe cum Thorne
Dwelling                  Schedule 7, Pearson Buildings  

Timothy   Pearson  head m   70  Gardiner                   Wrenthrope
Elizebeth Pearson  wife m   69                             Wrenthrope

sheet 2

Free Bmd has Timothy Pearson died aged 76 junQt1882 Wakefield

Sheffield Independant, 29th May 1882,
The Paulton Brook Murder of Mr. Timothy Pearson,
a well know market Gardener, residing at Potovens.
The deceased, who was 72 years of age, and had been suffering from heart desease for some time

Leeds Times West Yorkshire, England 27 May 1882 LOCAL & DISTRICT Yesterday afternoon, shortly before five o'clock, while Mr. Timothy Pearson, a retired market gardener, was Standing at a stall in the Borough .Market he was observed to fall. Assistance was rendered

The London Gazette, 13th March 1883.
Pursuant to the Act of Parliament 22nd and 23rd Victoria, chapter 35,intitled "An Act to further amend the Law of Propert, and to relieve Trustees."

Notice is hearby given, that all creditors and other persons having any claims or demands against the Estate of Timothy Pearson, late of Wrenthrope, in the parish of Wakefield, in the county of York, Gentleman, deceased (who died on the 26th day of May 1882, and whose will was proved at the District Registry, of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice at Wakefield on the 12th day of August 1882, by James Artle, of Alverthorpe, in the said county of York, assistant Overseer, and Francis Milthorp, of Wakefield aforsaid, Ink manufacturer, the Executors therein named.)
Are hearby required to send particulars, in writing, of their claims or demands to us, the undersigned Solicitors for the said executors on or before the 30th day of April next, after which they shall then have had notice; and they will not be liable for assets of the said deceased or any part thereof, so distributed to any person or persons of whose claims or demands they shall not then have had notice. Dated this 8th day of March 1883.
JANSONS and Co.; Wakefield. Solicitors for the Executors

Pearson Timothy. Estate £59 15s 6d
12 august 1882
The Will of Timothey Pearson late of Wrenthrope in the parish of
Wakefield in the county of York who died 26 may 1882 at Wakefield
was proved 12 aug 1882 at Wakefield by James Artle of Alverthorpe near Wakefield,
assistant Overseer and Francis Milthorp of Wakefield ink manufacturers
The Executors.
Following the Death of Timothy (1st) Elizabeth goes to live with
unmarried daughter Hannah.

1891 census
Source             RG12; Piece: 3520; Folio: 8; Page: 9        
Place              Bilton with Harrogate           
Dwelling           Schedule 47, 2 Clare Ville Terrace.             

Hannah      Pearson  head   s 53  Lodging House Keeper            Wrenthrope
Elizabeth A Pearson  mother w 79  Living on own means             Wrenthrope
William     Lawson   visitor  56  House Decorator                 Richmond
John        Lawson   visitor  18  apprentice to house decorator   Richmond
Fanny G     Lawson   lodger   28  Dress Maker                     Richmond      
Annie P     Cowling  lodger   25  Dress maker                     Patley Bridge
Ann S       Adamson  lodger   26  Dress Maker                     Hull
Maurice W   Beer     lodger   25  Grocers Assistant               Hintlesham suffolk

Family Bible: Elizabeth Ann Pearson nee Ramsden died 14th October 1896
GRO deaths: Elizabeth Ann Pearson aged 84 decqt 1896 Knarsborough (Bilton with Harrogate)

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