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Marriage 20th Jan 1832, St. Johns Wakefield,
Timothy (1st) Pearson to Elizabeth ann Ramsden

Marriage 1832, 
 Pearson / Ramsden

Timothy(1st) d.junQt 1882 aged 79 Wakefield GRO
Elizabeth ann baptism 12 april 1812, St Michaels East Ardsley,
born not specified but family bible has 12 jan 1812
Elizabeth died 14oct1896 aged 84


Mary           Pearson      b.23 feb 1832   c.11 jan 1833  Wakefield
John (Lamb)    Pearson      b.01 sep 1833   c.27 sep 1833  Wakefield
Anne           Pearson      b.13 aug 1835   c. 5 feb 1836  Wakefield
Hannah         Pearson      b.31 aug 1837   c.29 sep 1837  Wakefield
Timothy (2nd)  Pearson      b.09 oct 1839   c.30 oct 1840  Wakefield
William Lamb   Pearson      b.24 jan 1842   b. marQt 1842  wakefield 22 658/9
Elizabeth Anne Pearson      b.11 apr 1844   c.26 dec 1845  Wakefield
William        Pearson      b.21 mar 1846   c.?
Ellen          Pearson      c.29 sep 1848*  b.27 aug 1848 at Snow Hill reg.decQt1848
George         Pearson      b.20 nov 1850   reg.
Harriett       Pearson      b.26 may 1852   b.  junQt 1852 wakefield 9c 22
Agnes          Pearson      b.18 aug 1854   reg.decqt 1854 Wakefield as  Phyllis 
Jane Lilian    Pearson      b.09 apr 1858   reg.junqt 1858 Wakefield as Lilias Jane

sheet 2

Baptisms at All Saints, Wakefield,

Mary Pearson born 1832

John born 1833

Ann born 1835

Hannah born 1837

Timothy born 1839

Elizabeth ann born 1844

William lamb born 1842 died young does not appear to have been baptised.
The Name William re-used in 1846 by when civil registration had started,
and no baptisms have been found for the remaining Pearson children.

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