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The first documentation of this tree was by started in 1910 by John robert Richardson, with aural infomation from his mother-inlaw Ellen Roberts nee Pearson b.1848.
Additions circa 1960 by my late aunt Francis Eileen - gdaughter Ellen Roberts and Alice Firth 1894-1972 daughter of Jane lilian Pearson.

With the discovery of a Pearson Family bible in possesion of the USA branch of Pearson , now held by Timothy Pearson 5th, which records births back as far as Timothy(1st) Pearson born 13th April 1810 Wakefield it has been possible to explore further back.

A search of parish records found a matching baptism to Timothy 1st, which also comfirmed of his birth date.

Baptism - All Saints Wakefield 11th June 1810

Baptism Timothy Pearson 1st

The above entry also gives both parents names - Thomas and Mary, a further search for Timothy's siblings, revealed in one entry, his elder brother Thomas c.20jun1796, their mother's maiden name as Blakey.

Baptism 20th June 1797 St Johns Wakefield

Baptism Thomas Pearson 1797

Marriage 17th June 1793 All Saints Wakefield, Thomas Pearson to Mary Blakeley

Although the spelling of Blakey(Blakeley) is not identicle this is clearly the marriage of Timothy's parents, also Mary's baptism is as Blakeley.
Licence for Marriage dated 17th june 1793 - source Borthwick.
Groom aged 22, bride's age 17

Baptism 28th July 1776 at All Saints Wakefield

Mary Blakeley Baptism

Timothy's paternal grandparents most likely are Thomas Pearson and Sarah White

Banns and marriage at All Saints Wakefield 1767, both of this Parish.

sheet 3

   Thomas Pearson  
   m.07dec1767 All Saints Wakefield 
   Thomas                                  William         Ann  
   c.21jan1769 All Saints, Wakefield
  br.07mar1812 aged 43, Holy Trinity Wakefield
   m.17jun1793    All Saints Wakefield to
   Mary           dau of William Blakeley and Maud Milbury 29nov1762 m.All Saints
   c.28july1776   All Saints Wakefield
   d.13apr1829    aged 52 bishop's transcript  Widow Mary of Potovens
   | Baptised at All Saints Wakefield, Except Thomas at St John Wakefield.           cont.
   Elenor        Thomas        Ellin         Hannah        Hannah          
   b.            b.            b.            b.            b.27may1800     
   c.18nov1793   c.20jun1796   c.14apr1798   c.06jun1800   c.03nov1800     
                br.30jan1798                 d.young?
                   St John

               christened at All Saints Wakefield
           William       Mary          Betty         Timothy(1st)    Milley 
           b.20may1802   b.16sep1803   b.09mar1806   b.13apr1810     b.01jan1812  
           c.11jun1810   c.11jun1810   c.11jun1810   c.11jun1810     c.07feb1812
                                                     Elizabeth ann 
                                                     b.12jan1812 Wakefield

Pearson Stray
Leeds Times 11 feb 1854
Wakefield: Benjamin Pearson, farmer, West Ardsley,near Wakefield.
The Mare is five years old, is sixteen hands high,
has a white star on her Saterday 11 feb 1854 leeds
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