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1891 census
source        RG12  piece 3707 folio 20 page 33 sched 188
Place         West Leeds
Dwelling      Schedule 188, 19 Bell Vue rd 

Sidney  Firth head  39         Mech engineer            Churwell leeds
Jane L. Firth wife  32                                  Wakefield
Lillian Firth dau   18                                  Leeds
Percy   Firth son   16    Clothier's Apprentice         Leeds
Ann     Firth dau   12                                  Leeds
Mable   Firth dau    7?                                 Conisbrough yorks

Percy joseph Firth married junqt1898 Leeds to Helena Purcell.

1901 census
source                RG13; Piece: 4245; Folio: 20; Page: 2.
place                 Heddingly with Burnley, Leeds
Dwelling              21 Burlan Place, schedule 9 

Percy joseph  Firth  head  26            Tailors cutter           Leeds
Ellen         Firth  wife  28                                     Horsforth
Florence mary Firth  dau    14months                              Leeds

1911 census
souirce                RG14; Piece: 27065. district 500, sub 4, ED12,
place                  Kirkstall, Leeds
dwelling               210 Burly Road 

Javis         Purell head 62  Dyers Forman 
Mary          Purcell wife 
William       Purcell  29 
Nellie        Purcell  18 

Percy Joseph  Firth   head(sil)   37   Tailors Cutter        Leeds
Ellen         Firth   wife(dau)   38   Tailoress             Horsforth
Florence May  Purcell*  (gdau)    11 
James Sidney  Purcell*  (gson)     4 
*Florence and James incorectly listed as Purcell-ie- children of Javis and Mary
Florence may Firth married 1922 in leeds
she died 7th May 1926

James sidney Firth married in 1944 to the widow Sybil eleanor Hunt nee Saich
he died 9th June 2000 in Headingly
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