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1871 census
Lymm Cheshire district 8

James   Henshall head m 35  Druggist and PostMaster        Styal Cheshire
Jane    Henshall wife m 33                                 High Leigh
Harry   Henshall son     9                                 Lymm
Mary    Henshall dau     6                                 Lymm
Robert greene Henshall   4                                 Lymm

1891 census
source               RG12; Piece: 1065; Folio: 119; Page: 78
Place                 South Hornsy Edmonton
Dwelling              Shedule 364, 33 Digby Rd 

Robert    Henshall  head   m  24  Clerk in home Civil Service           Lynn cheshire     
Florence  Henshall  wife   m  20                                        Leeds  Yorks
Jane      Henshall  mother s  53                                        High Leigh Cheshire

1901 census
robert and Florence not found - abroad?   
however his mother is visiting friends

Styal district 8 , Cheshire
Lode Hill Farm
Johnathan Barrow   head 78        Farmer          Styal Cheshire
Jane Henshall   visitor 63                        High Leigh Cheshire    

1911 census
source               RG14; Piece: 7392; district 132 sub 5, en 42, Schedule 196.
place               Edmonton, southgate, north London 
Dwelling            53 Grovelands Rd, Palmers Green      

Robert            Henshall  head 44  m Civil service 2nd class officer     Lynn Cheshie
Florence          Henshall  wife 40  m 20yrs children 1                    Leeds
Phyllis Constance Henshall  dau  17                                        Findsbury Park
Lavinia Esther  Betteridge  serv 19    Domestic                            Crouch End    

  Phyllis Ccnstance  Henshall   only? child of Florence Firth and Robert Henshall                                 
  b.marqt1894 Edmonton london                
  m1.sepqt1916..Edmonton....................m2.decqt1920  Marylebone  
  |                                         |              
  John                                      Emrys E.           
  Howell                                    Jones          
  b.                                        b.              
  d?decqt1918 Edmonton aged 33              d.   
  |    Howell line                        
  b.21nov1918 Edmonton london
  d.marqt1984 Isle of White
  m.sepqt1942 Hendon
  b? junqt1920 Barnet, dau of Andrew Sweet and Marie K Gunton who married 1914 Barnet
  Robert    Annie 
  richard   elizabeth

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