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Ellis Island Records

These appear to Jane and Alice
Arrived 25th Nov 1906 
on the Coronia from Liverpool
Jane   Firth widow    aged 43 of Harrogate
Alice elizabeth Firth aged 11 of Harrogate


Arrived 26th Sep 1909 on the Campania from Liverpool
Alice elizabeth Firth aged 16 of Harrogate

SS Caronia, lauched 1904

Alice circa 1937

1910 census                                   
San Francisco, California, USA 
Alice E Firth 16 
Lillian Firth 48

1920 census
San Francisco, California, USA  
District 27, 310 Paramont avenue
Alice E Firth head 25  S  Facilty? Nurse - hospital        born England
Lillian Firth not found is she visiting england

1930 22 apr, Census usa 
San Mateo , California, USA  
Whuipple Road, Township 3, district 52
Alice E Firth   head    35 S    , arrived usa 1909 Bookkeeper - medical 
Jane L Firth    mother  71 widow, arrived usa 1906

1940 census USA
Source            Roll: T627_336; Page: 63A; Enumeration District: 43-40A.
Place             Palo Alto, Santa Clara, California, page 25
Dwelling          143 Park Avenue 
Alice E Firth    head 45 S    Secretery Doctors office           Naturalised   England 
Jane    Firth  mother 82 Wd                                      Naturalised   England         

Jane Lilias Firth died 1940 Alameda USA
Possible death 
Alice Firth aged 78  
Born 14 june 1894 
Died 01 dec  1972 Menlo Park, San Mateo
Social security No. 546-03-8511

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