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Monumental Inscriptions
Wetwang Churchyard

In loving memory of
wife of ROBERT WRIGHT (of Fitling) and daughter of JAMES ELGEY J.P. died 15th March 1938 aged 93 years ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ In loving remembrance of
the beloved wife of
JAMES ELGEY/ who died
June 14th 1875 aged 54 years Patient in tribulation ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also JAMES son of the above named
JAMES ELGEY J.P. Born Aug 20th 1815
died September 14th 1900 In life xxxx
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also of MARY ELIZABETH the dearly beloved wife of JAMES WM ELGEY who died May 1st 1927 aged 71 years peace perfect peace also/ JAMES WILLIAM ELGEY who died Feb 13th/ aged 92 years

James Elgey Obit 1900
In memory of
the beloved wife of JOHN ELGEY of Kilnwich Percy who departed this life July 30th 1882 aged 24 years ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also of
daughter of the above who died March 19th 1880, aged 2 years and 5 months ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also of
daughter of the above who died Sep 1st 1882 aged 6 weeks ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ also of the above named JOHN THORNHILL ELGEY who died at Neswick July 24th 1914 aged 65 years ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ EIDTH MARY ELGEY beloved daughter of JAMES and ELIZABETH died 22nd June 1984 aged 96 years

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