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Ann Elizabeth Robinson came from a large family her father was one of 9 children and her mother one of 8, all from Driffield so it is not supprising she returned to driffield following her first husbands death.

          John Robinson          m.16 oct 1814   to       Mary white 
                                 at Gt. Driffield
Edward     Ann        Mary       John       Francis    George     Susannah   Thomas     Eliza
francis    elizabeth  |          |          |          |          |          |          |         
18may1816  17jun1817  27dec1818  22jun1820  13feb1823  04nov1824  16mar1826  18mar1828  18may1831

Gt Driffield  c.16 jun 1817
Ann Elizabeth Robinson
Father: John Robinson
Mother: Mary

GRO Marriage
Gt Driffield jun Qt 1840 ref 23, 55
Ann E. Robinson  to William Deighton

GRO Death
Hull Mar Qt 1874 Hull 9d, 170
William Deighton

The Hull Poll Book of 1835
list a W. Deighton of Brook st Hull.

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