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Quarter Sessions

Sculcoates Refuge
FILE  [no title] - ref. QAL/3/42 - date: 1828 - 1836
item: [no title] - ref. QAL/3/42/195 [n.d.]
Scope and Content [extract] ... Informant: Rev. Hotham, John Elgey

SubSection Quarter Sessions papers relating to lunacy 
series Quarter Sessions papers relating to private asylums 

Weaverthorpe Asylum, notices of discharges 

FindingNo QAL/3/51/18 
Title Notice of discharge of Robert Elgey 
Date 14 Jun 1850 
Description Date admitted: 1 May 1850
Date discharged: 14 Jun 1850
Name: Robert Elgey
Authority: father

FindingNo QAL/3/51/32 
Title Notice of discharge of Robert Elgey 
Date 12 Aug 1851 
Description Date admitted: 7 Jun 1851
Date discharged: 12 Aug 1851
Name: Robert Elgey
Authority: John Elgey, father

The Weaverthorp records suggest robert was continuously, in and out of Alylum
Possibly he suffered from occasional fits of epilepsy

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