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From Robert Lakeland's Will he had a brother William and sisters Isabel (Elgey) and Ann (Symmonds) also a half brother John.

from IGI possible Lakeland tree

    William Lakeland
    m.1st         2nd Marriage 02 feb 1723
    ?             Mary?
    b.            b.
    d.            d.
    |             |
    |========     |==============|============|=================|=============
    John          William        Isabel       Robert            Ann
    c.22 oct      c.12 oct       c.08 feb     c.18 aug          c.?
    1717          1726           1729         1737              |
                  |              |            |                 |
                  m.             m.           m.York            m.york
                  03 jun         04 apr       16 may            14 sep
                  1753           1771         1770              1772
                  Isobel         William      Elizabeth         John Symmonds
                  POOL           ELGEY        WISKER 
                                 Elizabeth    Frances    Robert
                                 21 feb       27 mar     16 may
                                 1771         1772       1773
                                                         09 jun

Robert Lakeland (b.1737 d.1791)
Homefield Farm which in his Will was a part of his residue estate not left to his son, but to his wife, brother William,and friends David Lambert and John Symour.

How did Holmfield come into the hands of Isabell's grandson William Elgey? (of Holmfied)
Family rumour has it that it was later lost in a court case.

( Robert bought the lease of Holmfield from Richard Maycock "I am also purchased of him my farm called Holmefield holden under a lease for lifes from the prebendary of the prebend of Holm Archiepiscopie in York Cathedral")

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