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no christening found for John Crompton but a tankard has J.C. 1805

1851 census index Thorneholme Bridlington district 2367 foloi 20

John        Crompton  age45      b.Bridlington
Ann         Crompton  age38      b.Nafferton
Henry       Crompton  age10      b.Nafferton
Alice IGI
Mary        Crompton  age 6      b.Nafferton
John        Crompton  age 5      b.Nafferton
Ann         Crompton  age 1      b.Thorneholme (foloi 20v)
1881 Cencus Thornholme
John P.     Crompton age 35, head,born Thornholme
                              Farmer of 380 Acres,
                              employing 6 men and 3 boys
Ann         Crompton age 28,  Wife,  born Sawdon,yorkshire
Ann         Hooper   age 72   mother in law, Annuitant, born Brompton

1840 Trade directory John Crompton Farmer, houndale Rhdsn Crompton Farmer
1851 census index Nafferton Driffield district 2366 folio 340 Martha Crompton age 66 b.Gt Driffield Paulina Crompton age 14 b.Nafferton Gdaughter? IGI show a POLINA b.11 jul 1837 to Elizabeth crompton (b.1811?) Alice Crompton age 8 b.Nafferton folio 337 john's daughter? --------------------------------------------------------------

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