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1851 Census Sun/Mon 30/31st March 1851
Source:     H1O7,  Piece 2353 Folio 209 Page 38   
Place:      York [St Giles], York ER, England
Dwelling:   Schedule 158, Yeoman's School, Lord Mayor's Walk 

Thomas Crompton             13   Scholar                     Yorks, Nafferton

1861 Census Sun/Mon. 7/8th April 1861
Source:              RG09,  Piece 3606 Folio 72 Page 14      
Place:               Lowthorpe, York, England
Dwelling:            schedule 109            

Thomas  Crompton  Head   U   23   Farmer of 210 acres     Yorks, Nafferton 
                                  employing 2 lab 2 boys
Rachael Pearson   Serv   U   39   House Keeper            Yorks, Skipsea Brough
Elizabeth Cooper  Serv   U   15                           Yorks, Burton Agnes
Mark Temple       Serv   U   26   Forman [Stet]           Yorks, Cayton 
George Heath      Serv   U   33   Ag Lab                  Middlesex, Longford
Jerimia Lampleigh Serv   U   15   Plough Boy              Yorks, Thornholme
John  Whiting     Serv   U   13   Crowtenter              Yorks, Ottringham

The Hull Packet, 15th October 1865
October 4th at Beswick, by the Rev. Joseph Rigby, Thomas Crompton, Lowthorpe, to Margaret Elizabeth Duggleby, Beswick Hall

1871 Census Sun/Mon. 2/3rd April 1871
Source:      RG10,  Piece 4805, Folio 61, Page 4 
Place:       Lowthorpe, York, England
Dwelling     schedule 12       

Name                  Rel   Mar  Age Occupation                  Birthplace
Thomas Crompton      Head    M   33  Farmer of 420 acres b       Yorks, Nafferton
                                     employing 1 shepherd 4 labs
Margaret E Crompton  Wife    M   24                              Yorks, Barmston
Thomas Crompton      Son          3                              Yorks, Lowthorpe
Mary jane Cole       Serv    U   20  General Servant             Yorks, Buford                   
Harriet Mooring      Serv    U   19  General Servant             Yorks, West Sutton
Francis Fairbottom   Serv    U   22  Farm servant                Yorks, Nafferton
George Knott         Serv    U   20  Farm Servant                Yorks, Howden
Charles Thorley      Serv    U   19  Farm Servant                Yorks, Ruston Parva
Thomas Masson        Serv    U   15  Farm Servant                Yorks, Driffield
George Hodson        Serv    U   14  Farm Servant                Yorks, Rudstone
John Deighton        Serv    U   21  Farm Servant                Yorks, Rudstone

The enumerator's descriptions gives no indication which farm belonged to Thomas. However, the Enumerator's Lowthorpe trail leads from Tithe Farm, Wansford, past Cattleholme and Railway Cottages to Crompton and The Lodge. This suggests the Crompton's farmed Well Close Farm. Sleights was only accessible from Nafferton.

1881 Cencus Lowthorp                

Thomas     Crompton    age 43   head,
Farmer of 575 Acres,   employing 8 men and 6 boys
Margret age 34, Wife, born Baronstone,yorkshire Charles William age 9 Mary Agnes age 7 John Henry age 5 Richard Cecil age 4 Margaret L. age 1 month

1881 West Green Grammer school, Pocklington
Thomas Crompton        age 13 born Lowthorp , Border

Bulmers trade directory Lowthorpe 1892 shows
Mrs Margret Elizabeth Crompton

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