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Matha Hyde c.09 dec 1784 dau of James Hyde and Sarah
1851 census
source               folio 340 enu60 North Street, 
place                Driffield

Martha Crompton       widow age66  b.Gt Driffield (nee Hyde)
Polina Crompton       Gdau  age14  b.Nafferton  (illigitamate dau of Elizabeth b.1811)
Caleb  Crompton Pears Gson  age 6  b.Driffield  (son of Jane Crompton b.1819)

also folio 337 enu25 North Street, Driffield
Alice  Jefferson      widow  age64  b.Nafferton  (nee England)
Alice  Crompton       Gdau   age 8  b.NafFerton  (dau of John Crompton and Ann)

IGI shows these children mother Martha
are some of these must be John's brothers and sisters
Thomas     c.22 dec 1803     Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Crompton
John       c.                not found
James      c.15 jan 1807     Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Crompton
William    c.02 apr 1808     Bridlington           Thomas Richardson Cropmton
Richardson c.10 mar 1810     Beeford                      Richardson Crompton
Elizabeth  c.26 may 1811     Beeford               Thomas Richardson Crompton
Mary       c.06 feb 1814     Beeford                      Richardson Crompton
Richardson c.02 nov 1815     Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Martha     c.01 sep 1817     Nafferton                    Richard    Crompton
Jane       c.25 may 1819     Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Caleb      c.17 aug 1821     Nafferton                    Richardson Crompton
Amelia     c.14 jun 1823     Nafferton d.4mar1824  Thomas Richardson Crompton
Edmond     c.29 mar 1825     Nafferton             Thomas Richardson Crompton

from IGI and church records
 William Jefferson  m. Joys
                    Paul Jefferson     m.18 mar 1808       Alice 
                    farmer of houdales                     England
                    c.19 aug 1780                             b.~1785
                    d.27 jun 1833 age 52
   William     Mary       Ann        Paul        Richard      Eliza      John
   6 jan       30 dec     03 feb     17 nov      06 dec       11 apr     01 apr
   1809        1810       1813       1814        1817         1822       1832
                          m.04 nov 1834
                          John Crompton
witnesses at marriage William Jefferson, Eliza Jefferson

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